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Australia’s Safest Wood Chipper Wants You to Have a Good Day

Australia’s Safest Wood Chipper Wants You to Have a Good Day

When working with a machine that literally eats trees for breakfast, it’s kind of important to keep your comparatively soft and squishy human parts safe.

We’ve seen a couple of chipper-related accidents go through the news lately. One in the US that’s now going to court, could have been prevented if the chipper was fitted with a better safety system. The man involved was dragged in when his harness rope became tangled in the branches he was feeding into the chipper. His feet did catch the bump bar but not before he’d suffered severe head injuries.

While such incidents are (thankfully) rare, Brian Evans of Global Machinery Sales says they needn’t happen at all. With the right safety systems installed, even a machine as potentially dangerous as a chipper can be 100% safe.

According to Brian, one particular chipper stands out from the rest with the most advanced safety system on the market.

Beever M12R on display at the Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo
The Beever M12R on display at the Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo

What makes Morbark’s chippers so safe?

The M12R features a unique, multi-layered system to protect you even in the craziest circumstances. The first layer involves a magnetic field and set of small magnetic ties which you attach to your wrists and bootlaces. When the magnets moves past the ChipSafe sensors in the infeed, the chipper immediately shuts down. So not even a fingernail can reach the blades without the machine stopping. According to Brian, this is the most advanced safety system you’ll find on a chipper.

“ChipSafe is new to the Australian market and Morbark’s are the only chippers with them.”

Chipsafe Sensors on the M12R
ChipSafe sensors in the infeed

There’s not a lot that could mess with ChipSafe. Things would be getting weird if it wasn’t working. But anything is possible. So, if an alien ship has landed and is disrupting the magnetic field, there’s also a bump bar you’ll hit before getting dragged in. And, if the aliens are messing with gravity too and you miss the bump bar, there are cords you can pull that’ll shut her down.

Basically, no matter how bizarre the circumstances, you’ll be sweet with the M12R. This has made the machine popular among councils and forestry operations alike. And, while ChipSafe is unique to Morbark, it is not unique to the M12R. Brian explained the safety shield can be fitted on any machine (from 8 inch to 20 inch).

Morbark also wants to streamline your workday

Apart from giving you absolute peace of mind that you and anyone you get to operate the machine will be safe, Morbark likes to go that little bit further and give you features that Brian says will just make you happy.

“The Beever M12R has a cone holder for your safety cones, chocks so it won’t move once you’ve set its position and a fully hydraulic chute so you don’t have to keep winding it by hand. All the controls are on the kerbside, so you’re off the road. And a fully hydraulic winch can also be fitted.”

The machines feature a direct-driven dual-feed system with serrated teeth, knife bar and end cap ripper teeth working together to boost your feeding efficiency and prevent material form wrapping around the feed wheel. All of this is powered by a gutsy 114HP CAT engine.

The Morbark and Global Machinery Sales partnership

Morbark have been making forestry machinery for sixty years and built their first chipper in 1979. The Global Machinery Sales team loved the way Morbark stocks their machines with advanced safety features and happiness-inducing extras. So they decided to team up with the manufacturer to bring their market-changing innovations to Australia.

Supplying to everyone from sole traders to massive forestry operations, Brian says its vital for Global Machinery Sales to be going the extra mile for their customers and seeking out the latest advancements in the field.

To complement their range of machines, Brian and his team offer a streamlined workshop and spare parts department dedicated to top quality repair work with no time wasted getting the machines back to their owners. They also offer rentals so you can try before you buy or knock over any one-off big jobs.

Australia's Safest Wood Chipper Wants You to Have a Good Day
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Australia's Safest Wood Chipper Wants You to Have a Good Day
Chippers eat trees for breakfast so it's vital to keep your comparatively soft human parts safe. Take a look at all the specs of Australia's safest chipper.
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