Biesse Group are celebrating 50 years of innovation and technology. Last month they brought the celebration to Sydney for the grand opening of their new purpose-built 5000 sqm premises in Wetherill Park.
We were lucky enough to attend day 2 of the massive 4-day event, running from February 20-23, 2019.
Michael Bullock, CEO of Biesse Group Australia and New Zealand, showed his excitement for the celebration. “We’re here not only to celebrate the grand opening of our new campus, but also to celebrate 50 years of Biesse technology to all customers worldwide.”
Carl Massey, Service Director of Biesse Group Australia and New Zealand, also spoke about the new premises. “This facility is a fantastic example of our continued investment in our service and parts business.”
“The showroom facility at the Sydney campus represents a fantastic opportunity to showcase our machines to our customers. It’s an opportunity to train our customers’ machine operators on the latest technology Biesse Group has to offer,” he added.
Biesse Group Ribbon Cutting

The Biesse team after the ribbon cutting. Source: Facebook

The Walkthrough

Walking into reception, you notice the beautiful marble reception desk, a glistening steel Biesse Group logo on the wall and the sleek design of the foyer. We were later told everything in this area was manufactured by Biesse’s customers using their machinery. This included a marble violin and a unique curved glass chair (that apparently can be sat on—we weren’t game enough to try!).
It’s nice knowing the collaboration in software, innovation, and materials have a permanent home in the Biesse showroom.
FIAM glass chair Biesse Group Sydney

The gorgeous glass chair manufactured by FIAM, located in Biesse Group’s reception. We weren’t game enough to sit on it!

Moving through the hall, the showroom expands before you to a a hive of activity.
The impressive new premises expands over 5000 sqm (2000 of which is the showroom). It’s housing more than 20 Biesse and Intermac machines on display. The floor was bustling with people; from passionate software developers to woodworking apprentices. It’s immediately obvious the impact Biesse has on the industry and those within it.

The Machines

Biesse Group Sydney Showroom Floor

The Biesse Group showroom was like a well-laid out maze of machinery.

Walking through the machine maze, we managed to catch demos on the Opera R robotic sanding machine, the Stream AD edgebanding machine and the Intermac Master 33.3 waterjet cnc working centre machine.
What we really noticed was the capabilities of these machines. “Think Forward” truly captures what Biesse is all about, and it resounds out of all they do. We found ourselves thinking about all the possibilities of this machinery and technology… and that it’s not what these machines do today, but what they can do tomorrow.
Biesse Group Sydney posters

Curved glass structures, creating violins on a commercial scale, stone motorcycle parts… The creativity and possibilities are endless…

Luke, a Biesse service technician, told us about his journey with Biesse Group. As an apprentice, he worked with Biesse machines 20 years ago. It’s clear how passionate he is about the work he does, and gave us the run-down on sanding and edgebanding machines.
Biesse Group Sydney Service Tech

Luke was happy to talk to us about his experience and the edgebanding machine. Emma (Machines4U) and Luke pose with the finished product.

Other machines on display included:
  • Rover K FT numerical control machining centre with gantry structure
  • Rover S FT gantry machine
  • Brema Eko 2.1 compact boring machine
  • Selco SK 4 cutting centre
  • Opera 5 finishing centre
  • Opera R robotic sanding machine
  • Akron 1300
  • Stream A automated single-sided edgebanding machine
  • Stream B automated single-sided edgebanding machine for commercial applications
  • Vertmax 2.2 vertical machining centreLola 6.4 edge polisher


Overall, it was amazing to see the expansive new premises, take a look at machines in action, and even keep a finished product. We’re certain Biesse Group’s 50th Anniversary celebration was a massive success! A huge congratulations to Biesse Group, their partners and the people making it happen.
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