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Cat 239D: Equipment Focus

Cat 239D: Equipment Focus

So we’ve covered the most popular D series skid steers, and we’ve had a deeper look at the Cat 259D and now, we turn our attention to the baby of the family, the Cat 239D skid steer.

Don’t let its size fool you, while the 239D may be the smallest of the D series, it still packs enough power to handle most digging and loading tasks around your worksite.

Cat 239D Specs

Engine Cat C2.2
Gross Power 60.2 hp (44.9 kW)
Peak Torque 183 Nm
Operating Weight 3306 kg
Rated Operating Capacity:
35% Tipping Load 651 kg
50% Tipping Load 930 kg
Travel Speed
(Forward or Reverse)
11.2 km/h
More Specs

As you can see, the Cat 239D is a little less powerful than the Cat 259D. But, it still packs enough punch under the hood to make it a great choice for small workloads around your site. The radial lift design (unique to the 239D and 279D) ensures this skid steer has great mid-lift reach.

Another benefit of the radial lift design is the versatility it provides. The Cat 239D is powerful enough to handle a broad variety of jobs, and the 930 kg 50% tipping load capacity makes it a great choice for digging and loading tasks or, with optional attachments, a quick and easy way to handle rockbreaking work.

Inside the Cab of the 239D

While specs are important, so is operator comfort. The cab of the Cat 239D has been designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to work in for long periods of time. Enabling you to be more productive over your workday.

The cab comes packed with a range of standard features designed to improve productivity and operator comfort, including:

  • Fuel level & hour meter gauges
  • Adjustable vinyl seat
  • 12v power socket
  • Adjustable joystick controls
  • Electric hand throttle (dial)
  • Storage compartment with netting

There are also warning indicators included to warn you of any errors or issues. Some of the included operator warning system indicators are:

  • Air filter restriction
  • Alternator output
  • Armrest raised/operator out of seat
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Engine oil pressure
  • Glow plug activation
  • Hydraulic filter restriction
  • Hydraulic oil temperature
  • Park brake engaged

And, for increased worksite and operator security, the Cat 239D cab also features and anti-theft security system with a 6-button keypad.

Optional Equipment for the Cat 239D

One of the benefits of the Cat 239D—and the D series of skid steers as a whole—is the range of attachments that are compatible between machines. From augers and backhoes, to angle blades, landscape rakes and stump grinders, the huge range of optional attachments will make the Cat 239D one of your most versatile work machines.

Other than attachments, there is also a selection of optional equipment that help to improve comfort, useability and productivity, including:

  • External counterweights
  • Rotating beacon
  • Speed-sensitive ride control
  • Full colour advanced display
  • Bluetooth radio
  • Engine block heater

Cat 239D Price

Price and budget is important for every worksite and business. The Cat 239D is a durable, well-made machine and commands a price tag to match. You’ll find used Cat 239D skid steers for anywhere between $55,00 and $72,000* averaging at $64,165. As always, this will fluctuate depending on age, condition and included attachments. Another great way to find a skid steer is by checking out skid steer auctions that are happening around your area.

Not sure where to begin? Have a look through some new and used skid steers to find the right model for you.

*Prices are averages taken from www.machines4U.com.au. Always consult your dealer/seller before purchasing.

Sources: cat.com & 239D product brochure.

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