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COVID-19: Machinery Buyer & Seller FAQs

COVID-19: Machinery Buyer & Seller FAQs

If you’re in the market for a new excavator, tractor or another piece of capital equipment, you’re not the only one! On Machines4U, we’ve seen unprecedented demand for machinery during the Coronavirus pandemic, especially in the construction and agricultural industries. 

While there are restrictions and social distancing rules in place, the government has been supporting Australians with their stimulus and instant asset write-off scheme—which has been well received by those in the market for capital equipment.

Of course, with this influx of buyers searching for machinery online, as well as the regulations in place, there are more questions that need answering. So, to help you get the answers you need, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions from machinery buyers and sellers when purchasing and selling capital equipment during COVID-19.

COVID-19 Machinery Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

Are machinery dealers open during COVID-19?

Yes, many machinery dealers have remained open for business during COVID-19.

All open dealerships are adhering to strict social distancing and hygiene regulations to ensure the safety of all staff and customers. To minimise person-to-person contact and ensure only essential contact is made in person, it’s recommended you call ahead of visiting your local dealership.

Your local dealer might even be able to answer your question over the phone or point you in the right direction online.

Machinery dealer warehouse
Pictured: Machinery dealer Tractors North warehouse. Source: Machines4U.

Does visiting a machinery dealer showroom expose me to coronavirus?

Any trip, whether to the shops, local service station or machinery dealer showroom, is a risk of exposure to coronavirus, which is why only essential travel is recommended.

If you’re concerned about the risk of visiting your local machinery dealer’s showroom, give them a call before you go in to check the precautions they have in place. Many dealers enforce strict social distancing, and will only allow 1-2 people to view a machine at once. They have also implemented more cleaning of their machinery and showrooms between demonstrations and test drives.

Of course, general hygiene like washing your hands and wearing personal protective equipment like a mask is another way you can protect yourself in the spread of the virus but again, make sure you limit your outings to essential travel and even consider looking at your local dealer’s online showrooms to limit person-to-person contact. And, if you are unwell stay home!

Can I test drive/operate a machine with COVID-19 restrictions in place?

Generally yes, you will be able to test drive or operate the machine you’re interested in purchasing however, this is dependent on the individual machinery dealer.

To ensure you can test drive the machine safely, while maintaining all health regulations, make sure you:

  • Contact the dealer to confirm test drives are available
  • Ask about what hygiene precautions are in place to maintain your safety
  • Wash your hands before & after operating the machine

If you’re unsure of the dealer’s hygiene standards or cannot confirm them prior to your visit, it’s recommended you take disinfectant wipes with you and wipe down the steering wheel, controls, door handles, etc.

Machinery test drive
Pictured: Test driving tractor. Source: Machines4U.

Are machinery parts and service centres still open for business?

Most machinery parts and service centres are still operating during coronavirus restrictions. Much like local dealerships they are maintaining social distancing and are minimising their person-to-person contact by implementing designated pick-up and drop-off zones.

Technicians on the field are also still available to service machines as normal. They are also aware of all hygiene requirements and 1.5m social distancing requirements.

Are new machines still being manufactured and delivered during COVID-19?

Yes, new machines are still being manufactured and delivered during COVID-19 restrictions. Some dealers say they have experienced slower shipments with border control taking longer than normal, but generally there have been no major issues with manufacturing or delivery.

In saying that, manufacturing and delivery should be taken on a case-by-case basis, and you should always check with your local dealer to ensure the machine you’ve purchased won’t be held up.

Keep in mind, freight and delivery can’t always be promised by the dealer and you may need to be more patient at this time.

COVID-19 Machinery Seller Frequently Asked Questions

Selling machinery
Pictured: Tractors North salesman with Machines4U rep. Source: Machines4U.

If you’re selling your machinery during COVID-19 here are some answers to frequently asked questions on social distancing and hygiene in the workplace.

Do I need to maintain social distancing in my machinery showroom?

Yes, social distancing must be followed as advised by the Australian Department of Health. Here are some tips for maintaining social distancing in the workplace:

  • Don’t shake hands to greet others
  • Do not hold non-essential meetings
  • Hold essential meetings outdoors, or in large rooms, where possible
  • Have hand sanitiser easily accessible to staff & customers
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Regularly clean & disinfect surfaces that people touch, including machinery used for demonstrations

How should I clean my machine during COVID-19?

Generally, you should apply the same hygiene rules to your machine as you do with your home. The number 1 rule is to regularly wash your hands and disinfect surfaces you, or others, touch.

Since keeping your machinery clean during COVID-19 is a major priority for many sellers and dealers alike, we created an entire article with our top tips, check it out here.

I’m selling my machine, what precautions should I take?

Washing hands with soap
Pictured: Washing hands with soap.

To keep you and your prospective buyers safe while selling your machine during COVID-19 make sure you:

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap before & after contact
  • If meeting in person, don’t shake hands 
  • Maintain 1.5m social distancing, where possible
  • Clean the machine thoroughly before & after any demonstrations or test drives
  • Use video to give your buyer a virtual walkaround of the machine to minimise person-to-person contact

Don’t forget using online platforms, like Machines4U, is a fool-proof way for staying safe while buying and selling machinery during COVID-19. Start searching today or post an ad!

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