• March 26, 2019
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Deutz-Fahr Expands 4E Tractor Series With 2 New Models

Deutz-Fahr Expands 4E Tractor Series With 2 New Models

Deutz-Fahr has launched 2 new models into their 4E tractor series, available to local customers exclusively through PFG Australia.

The new tractor models, the 4090.4E and 4100.4E,  provide “unequalled versatility in the field and on the road,” according to tractor specialist and Australian distributor of PFG, Anthony Darienza. He also says the new models are compact, powerful and provide excellent manoeuvrability and loading capacities.

“With a Creep-Speed of just 280m/hr and a top speed of 40km/h, these tractors are a good fit for any job from large lifestyle blocks, to the challenging and precise applications required by grape growers and horticulturalists,” he says. “In addition, these tractors are so easy to operate and maintain that numerous operators can jump on and be driving within minutes.”

Features of the New 4E Series Tractors

4090.4E ROPS



Pictured: Deutz-Fahr tractors 4090.4E ROPS model and 4E series. Source: deutztractors.com.au

The 4090.4E model features roll over protection (ROPS), and is the first European style ROPS tractor available to the Australian market. It has been specifically designed for operator comfort with reduced noise and vibration.

Meanwhile, the new 4100.4E adds power to the 4E range with a 95-horsepower engine. It also features neat digital climate controls, similar to that of a car.

Both tractors feature:

  • 4-wheel braking
  • 5 synchronised speed gears
  • 30 forward & 15 reverse gears
  • 3 range gears including synchronised shuttle & creep
  • 4WD front axle for hydrostatic steering & increased manoeuvrability

When using a front-end loader the synchronised shuttle allows both forward and reverse gears to be selected through a simple lever movement. The centre line drive also eliminates the need for universal joints, which will decrease maintenance costs.

New Deutz-Fahr Tractors Specs Overview

Here is a general specs overview of the new 4090 and 4100 4E series tractors:

  4090.4E ROPS 4100.4E
Engine SDF 1000 Diesel Engine SDF 1000 Diesel Engine



4 cyl/4000cc Turbocharged Intercooled 4 cyl/4000cc Turbocharged Intercooled
Max Power 85 HP 95 HP
Total Weight 3100 kg 3250 kg
Fuel Capacity 70 L 70 L
Lift Capacity 3500 kg 3500 kg
Turning Circle 55 degrees 55 degrees

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