• May 26, 2022
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The Drying Solution for Aussie Crops

The Drying Solution for Aussie Crops

Presented by Alvan Blanch Australia

With weather events wreaking havoc on farmers’ crops across the country, crop drying systems are becoming an increasingly popular choice to reduce the risk of loss and waste.

Industrial grain dryers have been used for many years to provide a quick and safe way to dry crops like barley, wheat, corn, soybeans and more. Drying these crops is very important to ensure that produce is not lost to mould or aflatoxins (a family of toxins produced by certain fungi found on agricultural crops).

One business providing crop protection and security in the form of crop drying systems is Alvan Blanch Australia. Alvan Blanch has been providing drying solutions to Australian and New Zealand farmers since the 1960s. Their extensive range successfully dries granular crops including barley, wheat, and rapeseed, as well as nut crops like almonds. 

Jim Duncan, Partner at Alvan Blanch Australia, believes these systems have the ability to reduce weather related worry and improve crop protection.

“Crop drying systems provide an added level of security during the crop production phase,” says Jim. 

“Heavy rainfall and other weather events have a devastating impact on farmers’ and their crops. And, while we cannot always protect against mother nature, crop drying systems offer a solution that has the ability to produce a good result at harvest—without all the weather-related worry which is so prevalent at the most critical phase of the growing season.”

Here are some of the major benefits of crop drying systems.

Benefits of Grain Drying

Grain drying solution from Alvan Blanch
Grain drying solution from Alvan Blanch. Source: Supplied.

Safer storage & less waste

Moisture has the ability to cause quicker germination and deterioration of crops, which is why grain drying is so important. 

Grain drying helps to reduce the moisture content in the crops, so that they can be stored for longer periods of time. Less moisture also results in a reduced risk of moulds and aflatoxins, which can damage crops causing unnecessary loss. 

By using grain drying systems, businesses can benefit from safer storage and less waste.

More control & quality 

Traditionally, crops would be left out in the sun for days, weeks and sometimes months at a time so they could dry out. Grain drying systems, on the other hand, can safely complete the drying process in a matter of hours and don’t rely on the weather.

Improving the drying process means that businesses can get their crops to market faster. These systems also help to maintain crop quality and ensure businesses get the best return.

Alvan Blanch Drying Solutions Range

Alvan Blanch has a wide range of drying solutions available including: continuous double flow grain dryers, and conveyor dryers.

Conveyor Dryer

Alvan Blanch Conveyor Dryer
Alvan Blanch Conveyor Dryer. Source: Supplied

Alvan Blanch conveyor dryers are multi-purpose dryers that will handle most materials. These dryers use a low temperature system which provides a high quality dried product that preserves nutrients and the natural colour of the produce.

Continuous Double Flow Grain Dryer

Alvan Blanch Continuous Double Flow Grain Dryer
Alvan Blanch Continuous Double Flow Grain Dryer. Source: Supplied.

Continuous double flow grain dryers provide uniform drying of any granular crop. This dryer features a balanced and adjustable airflow system that ensures quality performance at low drying temperatures.

The grain drying systems available from Alvan Blanch are ideal for keeping crops protected. If you’re in the market for a grain drying system, check out the range from Alvan Blanch here.

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