• April 7, 2022
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Fogging and Misting Cannons Revolutionising Dust Suppression

Fogging and Misting Cannons Revolutionising Dust Suppression

Presented by biOx Environmental

Dust is among the most common problems faced within the construction, demolition and mining sectors due to its impact on workers’ health and the environment. 

Since dust inhalation has been linked to both short and long-term health issues, including lung cancers and chronic lung disease, it’s no surprise the Australian state governments are pushing for improved health and safety conditions with dust exposure regulations.

With these regulations imposed and enforced by the EPA and WorkSafe, many businesses are now focusing on dust suppression and how best to keep sites and workers safe. 

Dust Suppression Solutions

biOx Spraystream Misting Cannon.
biOx Spraystream Misting Cannon. Source: Supplied

While dust suppression is not a one-size-fits-all approach, there are a range of solutions available on the market. 

Some industry experts are exploring the use of electronic monitoring systems that sample air quality and help maintain site safety standards. Another option is retrofitting machinery with pressurised cabins and in-cabin monitoring to maintain constant air quality. 

These are both great options, but they don’t tackle the issue of airborne dust which affects workers, neighbouring people and properties. For this type of dust suppression, the use of chemical and water based spray is the most popular due to the efficiency at which they can remove airborne dust, providing some fundamental principles are followed. And, one company leading the way in dust control equipment of this kind is biOx Environmental. 

Since dust control can no longer be managed with a simple garden hose, biOx Environmental has partnered with world-class high pressure fogging and misting cannon manufacturer SAVIC Engineering to bring the Spraystream Cannon range to Australia. These cannons work to eliminate airborne dust on an industrial scale. 

What are Fogging & Misting Cannons?

biOx Spraystream SS35i Fogging Cannon
biOx Spraystream SS35i Fogging Cannon. Source: Supplied.

Fogging and misting cannons are revolutionising dust suppression on demolition sites by using high pressure, low volume water droplets to maximise dust suppression possibilities. biOx Sales Director, Peter Heeney says there’s plenty of dust suppression equipment on the market, but none that address airborne dust the way biOx’s Spraystream cannons do; by creating micron sized water droplets which maximise dust suppression opportunities, with minimal water. 

“The thing we do really well is address the issue of airborne dust. Not every misting system on the market works the way ours do, or last as long, and that’s our point of difference,” says Peter.

“Our Spraystream misting and fogging cannons actually create fine droplets of water that match the size of the dust particles that businesses want to eliminate. This fine mist then collides with the airborne dust and weighs it down, removing it from the air. It’s one of the most efficient ways to prevent dust and protect the health of site workers and businesses alike,” Peter added.

biOx Spraystream cannons also offer manoeuvrability and come in a range of sizes to target dust in many industrial applications. Here’s a quick look at some of the cannons available.

SS25i Platform Fogging Cannon 

The SS25i Platform fogging cannon is equipped with a 5m telescopic retractable tower and is available as either a medium or high pressure version. The unit can be run using a garden hose supply and blows 25-30mm.

SS35i POWER Unit 

The SS35i Cannon blows 35m and can run off as little as a garden hose (10-20LPM) with the option to half output where required. This unit is small enough to run off a petrol or diesel generator set, and simply requires a pressurised water supply to make a serious show of dust suppression measures on your site.

SS50i-100i TOWER and 150i MONSTER

SS50i Tower Spraystream Cannon
SS50i Tower Spraystream Cannon. Source: Supplied.

The SS50i, 60i, 70i, 80i,100i and 150i range is perfect for those looking for a larger dust suppression solution blowing from 50 to 150m in distance! These cannons operate at a higher water flow to ensure the droplets reach the required distance. The droplet size ensures that the water doesn’t pool or run off the site, but rather knocks out airborne dust, and dampens the site to keep settled dust from resuspending into the air. 

The Spraystream Range comes in over 15 options, cannons alone, or with generators and water tanks. If biOx don’t have the solution for you, they will engineer one to suit your needs. 

If you’re in the market for a dust suppression solution, take a look at the biOx range here or check out their website for more information.

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