At the Brisbane Truck Expo, we had the opportunity to catch up with David Armstrong, Director of Business Development for Groeneveld in the Asia Pacific Region. A European company, Groeneveld is a global supplier of automatic greasing systems and have been operating in Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years.

“What we sell is uptime. What we manufacture is greasing systems.”

Put simply, if your operations require vehicles with wheels, Groeneveld systems will be able to improve your vehicle uptime and efficiency. The company has a series of unique products for everything from on-road trucks and trailers to off-road excavators and wheeled loaders.

“In the transport industry, we supply automatic greasing systems that enhances the lifetime of trucks, trailers, and buses. With off-road equipment, we supply twin automatic greasing systems which also increase uptime, reliability, and quality.”

Ranging in sizes from their compact CompAlube system, made for smaller commercial vehicles, to their Twin Barrel Pump system made for heavy duty vehicles, Groeneveld work across a variety of industries.

A great feature equipped across their range of greasing solutions, Groeneveld’s patent follower plate and metering units play an integral role in keeping their greasing systems operation at an ideal quality and consistency.

Groeneveld’s smaller range of pumps are equipped with this follower plate. Overall, it’s a piece of kit that ensures that all the grease within the system is used, so to avoid a funnelling effect. This gives operators and maintenance teams peace of mind, knowing that the grease is isolated from any dirt, dust, and water. On top of that, the ageing process of the grease is also slowed down, any UV radiation has less effect and the systems also allows the use of biodegradable grease. 

As for the metering units, the amount of grease per lubrication point is determined by the type of metering unit that is used. With a wide-range of different metering units available from the group, operators are able to control and adjust the amount of grease to an optimal lubrication point.

Another great product from the Groeneveld group is their Oilmaster, Oil Management System. A prominent addition to commercial buses, the Oilmaster has also found much use in earthmoving, port, and terminal applications.

Developed with the goal of making manual oil level checks a thing of the past. Groeneveld unique oil management system is equipped to ensure that engine oil is continuously kept at an optimal level. Like their lubrication systems, not only does this save operators time but also promises that there is never too little or too much oil in the engine, avoiding costly and time-consuming consequences.

Through their continuous progression in the vehicle fluid automation systems, Groeneveld is a group that is finding innovative ways to provide increased uptime and solutions to businesses worldwide. So if you’re serious about efficiency and productivity, be sure to check out how the team at Groeneveld can help you.


These Automatic Systems Are Changing How We Think About Greasing and Oil Maintenance
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These Automatic Systems Are Changing How We Think About Greasing and Oil Maintenance
Read how these automatic greasing and oil management systems are promising operators with increased uptime, longer vehicle life, and overall efficiency.
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