• October 6, 2022
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New “Lampo” Emergency Response Unit – One Vehicle, Many Purposes

New “Lampo” Emergency Response Unit – One Vehicle, Many Purposes

Presented by Hydro Innovations

A new class of emergency response equipment has just been introduced by Hydro Innovations. Called the Lampo, the units are trailer mounted multi-purpose machines designed to simplify the deployment of emergency response equipment for municipalities, emergency services and contractors.

New Lampo Emergency Response Unit hooked up to Ute. Source: Supplied.

New Lampo Emergency Response Unit. Source: Supplied.

At the heart of the unit is a diesel driven generator complete with variable frequency drive [VFD], which powers a lighting tower and a Gorman-Rupp pump unit. The units also come standard with an air compressor, discharge hose reel and suction hoses.

The generator, VFD, and lighting system is manufactured by quality equipment manufacturer, Euromacchine in Italy. This is housed in an acoustically rated enclosure, which is then mounted on an Australian built heavy duty galvanised trailer and fitted with a self-priming Gorman-Rupp trash pump.

The aim of the Lampo is to enable asset owners to deploy multiple pieces of machinery, using only one vehicle. Night work like emergency sewage bypass, emergency valve repair or attending burst mains now does not require the deployment of a separate lighting tower, and only requires one operator to set up any of the equipment items.

The cleverly designed unit can light up a work area while operator/s set up the pump or operate numerous electric tools the generator can drive. The VFD allows for soft starting electrical equipment, including the pump, and can vary the speeds of these machines to suit the duty at hand. While all this is happening, the compressor can be driving air nibblers, air operated nail guns, wrenches or tyre inflators.

Gorman-Rupp “Super T Series” trash pumps are standard with the Lampo systems. These pumps are at the cutting edge of self-priming wastewater pumping technology. They are the pump of choice for many Water Authorities and Councils around Australia because of their solids handling capacity, their rugged reliability and their ability to prime and re-prime on high suction lifts. Operators find these pumps very easy to operate as internal clearances can be adjusted externally in minutes, oil levels and clarity can be monitored at a glance and pump blockages are rare.

The “Super T Series” pumps feature a lightweight inspection cover-plate, replaceable wear plates, oil lubricated hard faced mechanical seals, and pusher-bolt capabilities on both the cover plate and bearing housing to make it super easy for operators to service. Pumps are also available in different materials of construction to suit abrasive, corrosive or abrasive and corrosive applications.

To make pumps easy to set up, suction hoses are quickly accessed from conveniently located racks on the side of the Lampo units, and the lay-flat discharge hose is easily “peeled” from the rear mounted hose reel.

Depending on the Lampo model selected, a customer can choose a 3″ [75 mm], 4″ [100 mm], 6″ [150 mm], or 8″ [200 mm] pump, all capable of handling the toughest wastewater pumping applications. These pumps can also be provided with Gorman-Rupp’s patented “eradicator” solids management system to minimise blockages by stringy materials such as rags and wet wipes. They are supplied as standard with “autostart” controls to stop and start on liquid level, making them ideal for sewage pump station bypass or for controlling water levels on construction sites.

Having a VFD built into the generator adds a level of flexibility to the generator that operators can make good use of. It enables them to make use of electrical equipment with larger motors because the VFD reduces the required starting current. The VFD also allows operators to fine tune their pump to suit each and every application. Pumps can be run slowly for low pressure application, run at maximum speed for higher pressure ones, or meet duties anywhere in between.

Hyrdo Innovations Lighting Tower in Use. Source: Supplied.

Hyrdo Innovations Lighting Tower in Use. Source: Supplied.

The lighting tower can be raised to a height of six metres using compressed air from the on-board compressor, and it can be rotated through 360 degrees to enable the lighting up of any work area.

Besides being used to raise the lighting tower, the on-board compressor can be used to power pneumatic tools by plugging air hoses into the conveniently placed air sockets on the outside of the acoustic enclosure. Tools with air consumption up to 4 cfm can be accommodated.

The units are available in eleven sizes. The smallest unit [our ERU11-T3] has an 11 kVa generator, a 5.5 kW VFD, a 6 L compressor and a Gorman-Rupp T3A60S-B self-priming pump. The largest unit has a 100 kVa generator, 55 kW VFD, 24 L compressor and Gorman-Rupp T6A60S-B or T8A60S-B self-priming pump. All units have a 61,000 lumens lighting system.

Introducing the Lampo Unit. Source: Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkfxcKaLE1E&t=16s.

More information on Lampo units is available through Hydro Innovations on info@hydroinnovations.com.au.

Please visit the Hydro Innovations website for more details: http://www.hydroinnovations.com.au/

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