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Equipment Focus: Komatsu Mining Dump Truck HD785-7

Equipment Focus: Komatsu Mining Dump Truck HD785-7

Mining dump trucks are monster machines, dwarfing the common car. But it’s not just their size that’s impressive. Their power, technology and surprising maneuverability are worth highlighting.

This time we’ve focused on the Komatsu HD785-7 haul truck. Including its features, a video to show it in action, average prices and (of course) its specs.

The Komatsu Mining Dump Truck in Action

See the powerful Komatsu dump truck HD785-7 in action

Komatsu Haul Truck Overview & Features

First introduced to the market in Indonesia in 2006, these trucks are now found all over the world. Offering a capacity of 91-tonnes and mechanical drive, the HD785-7 has the highest brake retardation in its class. Standing 5.05 m tall—as tall as the average telephone pole—this is a machine that demands respect from the get-go.

Komatsu say they’ve made some improvements in this mining dump truck, “[The] HD785-7… features higher productivity, improved fuel economy and compliance with regulations.”

When updating the older model to the HD785-7 features, there were 6 main areas of focus:

1. Productivity & Economy

Under the ‘bonnet’ of this massive machine you will find a high-performance engine. This engine delivers faster travel speeds and high hp per tonne.

  • High torque at low speed
  • Impressive acceleration
  • Low fuel consumption

When discussing lower fuel consumption, Komatsu technical writers reported, “…Depending on the travel conditions and required work rate, [Variable Horse Power Control (VHPC)] automatically changes the engine power to high output when earth is being loaded. Then to low output when detecting the loading of earth or idling by the vehicle itself. Significantly reducing fuel consumption.”

2. Environmentally Conscious

Komatsu upgraded the engine and ensured it is EPA Tier 2 certified. Engineers also made other changes to lessen the truck’s impact on the environment:

  • Lead-free radiator
  • Low operation noise
  • Low fuel consumption

3. Operator Comfort & Productivity

Large-scale mining jobs require long hours in the cab. Knowing this, Komatsu have ensured the HD785-7 mining dump truck is easy to use while being easy on the operator. This includes:

  • A spacious cab with excellent visibility
  • Ergonomic design for greater comfort and productivity
  • Easy-to-read instrument panel
  • 5-way adjustable operator seat and tilt-telescopic steering column

“[There are] wide glass areas on the front, side and back. Plus plenty of space in the richly upholstered interior, all provides a quiet, comfortable environment to see and control every aspect of operation. Front under-view mirrors also contribute to improved visibility.”

4. Operator Safety

Working on a mine site, safety is paramount. Along with the standard safety features (like ROPS/FOPS cab, spiked, slip-resistant plate and LED rear combination lamp) Komatsu offer:

  • A new circular under-mirror
  • Parking brakes on 4 wheels
  • Supplementary steering and secondary brake
  • Pedal-operated secondary brake

5. Reliability

As they say, “time is money” and downtime on a mine site can mean millions. To minimise breakdown risk, Komatsu focus on reliability by providing:

  • Komatsu components made under strict quality-control guidelines
  • A high-rigidity frame
  • Flat face-to-face o-ring seals to securely seal all hydraulic hoses
  • Sealed DT connectors on main electric harnesses and controller connectors

6. Easy Maintenance

To keep the HD785-7 in good condition, while minimising operating costs, Komatsu have extended oil change intervals. Engine oil is now 500 hours, and hydraulic oil is 4000 hours. On top of this, they have introduced:

  • An advanced monitoring system which displays abnormality codes to reduce diagnostic times
  • Wet multiple-disc brakes and full hydraulic-controlled braking systems
  • Easy access to filters and greasing points for servicing
  • Electric circuit breaker for quick restoration in a malfunction
  • KOMTRAX Plus controller for constant monitoring the health of major components

Komatsu Dump Truck HD785-7 Price

Komatsu HD785-7 haul trucks were listed between $1,150,000 and $1,300,000, averaging at $1,225,000.*

Mining Dump Truck Specs Quick View

Engine: Komatsu SAA12V140E-3

Cylinders: 12

Horsepower (gross): 1,200

Horsepower (net): 1,178

Maximum Torque: 5080N m 518kg m

Rated Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): 163,780 kg (includes optional equipments, operator (80kg) and payload)

Rated Payload Capacity: 91.7 metric tons

Dumping Angle: 48 degrees

Height (fully raised): 10,080 mm

Click here for full spec sheet.

Have you seen or operated one of these monster trucks? Let us know in the comments below, or check out Komatsu mining dump trucks for sale.

*Prices based on Machines4U listing data provided by sellers/advertisers and are an approximation only. Data is correct up to and at time of publishing. Prices may change and need to be verified with individual sellers.

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