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Equipment Focus: Toyota Forklift 8FG25

Equipment Focus: Toyota Forklift 8FG25

Toyota forklifts are renowned for their reliability, value and quality (it’s also why they were named the #1 brand in our top 10 forklift brand list).

Going one step further, we put a spotlight on the Toyota forklift 8FG25 truck. One of the most popular forklifts on Machines4U.

The Forklift in Action

A quick look at the 8FG25

Toyota Forklift 8FG25 Overview & Features

“In the development of the 8 Series… we returned to the starting point and took a careful look at the forklift itself from every aspect. The 8 Series stands ready to bring out the true potential in all owners and operators.”
—Hisao Nagata, Chief Engineer of the 8 Series

Toyota’s 8 Series (including the 8FG and 8FD models from 1-3.5 tonne) was designed and developed at the Toyota Takahama Plant in Aichi, Japan. To enhance the design of the 8 Series, Toyota focused on 5 key areas:

1. Comfort

Toyota forklifts have always had been a leader in operator comfort. With state-of-the-art technology, engineers collected and analysed data based on operator movement. Using this data, they identified main points of movement that can be optimised such as:

  • Easy entry & exit: Large assist grip, wide step and spacious opening.
  • Wide floor space: More leg room ensures a relaxed operating position.
  • Supportive operator restraint system (ORS) seat: Adjustable 150mm forward/backward

2. Operation

Based on the findings of the engineer’s research, changes were also made to the operator’s station to ensure smooth operation.

  • Small-diameter steering wheel with full hydraulic power steering system.
  • Combination meter: Shows your hour meter, engine water temp and fuel.
  • Other options available such as swivel seat, joystick and mini lever.

3. Stability

When handling heavy loads, safety is paramount. Toyota took this a step further in their 7 Series with the introduction of the System of Active Stability (SAS). This is also in the 8 Series.  

  • Active Control Rear Stabiliser (SAS). Onboard tech monitors forklift movement and locks the swing of the rear axle if required (such as during turns). This helps stabilise the machine.
  • Active Mast Function Controller (SAS). Includes front-tilt angle control, rear tilt speed control and automatic fork leveling control.
  • Operator Presence Sensing System (OPS). Detects the presence of the operator and if they are not in normal operating position, it stops load handling operations.

4. Environmental impact

Part of Toyota’s commitment to quality forklifts is also to the environment. The 8FG25 emits less exhaust emissions, is quieter and offers low vibration.

5. Serviceability

These forklifts are popular in Australia thanks to its ability to hold up against the harsher climate. The 8 Series forklift, including the 8FG25, have less resin parts, include tilt cylinder boots, water-resistant connectors and a cooling system to prevent overheating. This extends the life of the machine as well as aids serviceability. The radiator cover (no tools required), wide engine hood, and an easy lift-up panel give quick access to brake fluid.

8FG25 Toyota Forklift Price

8FG25 Toyota forklifts range between $9,500 and $23,500, averaging at $14,407 (used).*

Find Toyota forklift 8FG25s for sale.

8FG25 Toyota Forklift Specs Quick View

Max Fork Height (MFH): 3000 mm

Capacity: 2500 kg

Load Centre: 500 mm

Turning Radius (outside): 2280 mm

Overhead Guard Height: 2110 mm

Overall, the 8FG25 forklift has a number of leading safety features and a spacious workspace that sees it widely used in the transport industry.

“The popularity of the Toyota FG forklift range is based on proven reliability that just keeps on going in all environments, giving our customers excellent performance, service and good value for money from a proven brand they can trust.”
—Russell Dickson, Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) Accounts Manager

Have you used the 8FG25 Toyota forklift? Let us know in the comments below, or discover other Toyota forklifts for sale.

*Prices based on Machines4U listing data provided by sellers/advertisers are an approximation only. Data is correct up to and at time of publishing. Prices may change and need to be verified with individual sellers.

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