Australia’s Top 10 Forklift Brands

Here’s a riddle for you.

Place it here or place it there. Low to the ground or high in the air. If you want it off the ground. There is nothing like a “___?” for picking it up and putting it down!

If you answered singing the iconic Aussie tune that came in Crowns Forklift Ad from 1982, then congratulations! Although…if you simply answered forklift you’d be right as well.

Everyday countless Australians, across a broad variety of businesses and industries, rely on forklift trucks to keep their operations running smoothly and safely at maximum productivity. And we’re guessing it’s pretty important to those businesses to know which forklifts they should invest in. So here are our pick of the top 10 forklift brands in Australia.

  1. Toyota
  2. Crown
  3. Manitou
  4. Clark
  5. Linde
  6. Yale
  7. Mitsubishi
  8. Hyster
  9. Nissan
  10. Hyundai

10. Hyundai

Hyundai Forklifts Australia have been on the scene since 2005, becoming an integral part of the wider Hyundai Heavy Industry network. ‘Network’ is perhaps the keyword here. Hyundai’s dealer and support network is vast, which makes servicing and sourcing parts less of an issue than you’ll find with more exotic brands. Hyundai boast a wide range of access options which cover all ends of the price and performance spectrum.

Their base-model electric three-wheeler, while less powerful than its counterparts (such as Crown) is competitive on price, and well-suited to small and less demanding tasks. While their turning radius isn’t as tidy as some, they do represent value for money.

Take your pick of electric, diesel or LPG, and between 3-wheel, 4-wheel, counterbalance and heavy duty. The range really does have something for all your access needs.

9. Nissan (UniCarrier)

From April 2016, Nissan discontinued their branding of forklifts and have now shifted to operate under the name UniCarrier.

Whilst the name has changed, the official Australian distributors, Lencrow, have made clear that if you’re looking to buy or rent a UniCarrier Lift Truck, users will experience the same ease of use and reliability with their trucks, just under a different name.

Continuing the production that Nissan started in 1933, UniCarrier sells trucks in 160 nations across the globe and are known for their continuous developments in safety, performance, durability and lessening environmental impact.

What is more, the Lencrow Materials Handling group have won Machines4U’s Buyers Choice Award three years in a row and openly promise customers that a UniCarrier Truck will maintain “A Lifetime of Trusted Value”.

8. Hyster

Like Toyota, Hyster is also a brand known for receiving multiple Forklift Performance awards world-wide, making them a likely entrant in our list of top 10 Australian forklift brands.

A specialist producer of lift trucks and warehousing equipment, Hysters range of forklifts are diverse and reliable, offering a machine for any occasion. What is more, Hyster advertises itself as a company that looks to gain an edge through the combination of durability, quality and state-of-the-art design of their lift trucks.

7. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Nichiyu Forklift Co. forklift trucks are one of those brands that can be found anywhere from a harsh manufacturing environment to the rolling along the squeaky clean floors of your local retail stores.

Promoting flexibility in financial solutions, Mitsubishi is another go-to brand for businesses and industry professionals. Their 24-hour a day online marketplace and customer service area are an appealing factor for any first time or experienced buyer.

The Japanese manufacturer sits among the best, worldwide, when it comes to distributing heavy machinery and have recently merged with Nippon Yusoki Co. Ltd to convergence both company’s development technologies. Reviews have said that Mitsubishi’s custom-designed forklifts are effective, dependable and affordable.

6. Yale

Another brand fighting for the title of global leader in machine handling, Yale is a popular choice in the Australian market, for its comprehensive line of electric and engine powered materials handling equipment.

The U.S based manufacturer operates globally, with a total of 31 manufacturing and production facilities worldwide, and puts its priority in sustaining personal relationships and maximising productivity for end users.

5. Linde

Founded in 1904, originally under the name Güldner Motoren-Gesellschaft, Linde Lift Trucks are continuing to grow in popularity in Australia. From pallet jacks to 18 engine forklifts, the German Manufacturer has all the bases covered for any situation and was also the brand of choice for last year’s National Forklift Championship, held in Brisbane.

A notable feature on their Electric trucks are the load wheels. They are mounted in a unique curved bogie which rolls over obstacles, pavements and curbs up to 70mm high.

As for their larger, engine trucks, the Linde group prides themselves on the finely tuned hydrostatic drive systems, installed in a range of lift trucks, allowing for a sensitive, smooth, and precise driving experience, even in extreme environments.

4. Clark

Coated with a signature, sleek lime green finish, Clark forklifts are hard to miss on any worksite.

Credited for creating the world’s first forklift truck in 1917, Clark continues to be a global leader and innovator in all things lift trucks. Having humble beginnings in Illinois, as a small basement shop for furnish drills, the Clark group has now manufactured over one million units globally, during its 99 years in operation.

Clark have built their point on the slogan “Built to Last” and in their wide range of Forklifts, operators are presented with features such as superb load and lift height capacities, ergonomically designed operator cabin and interactive LCD dash displays.

3. Manitou

Initially specialising in rough-terrain forklift trucks, circa 1957 in the UK, Manitou lift trucks have been welcomed in Australian markets with open arms and are an early entrant to the Australian market, beginning their subsidiary company nationally in 2005.

Manitou’s no frills, ergonomic quality and high standard of customer service offers a simple and reliable process for end buyers from start to finish.

2. Crown

Coming in second on our top 10 list, comes U.S Manufacturer Crown Equipment.

In their 50 years of operation in Australia, Crown has continued to grow as global industry provider. The Crown group has received multiple awards for its class and work rate throughout their comprehensive range of lift trucks.

On top of their first-class quality equipment, Crown is also on our list of top Australian forklift brands for the iconic Aussie jingle we mentioned at the start of the article. Whilst we don’t hear this classic much on TV these days, it easily goes down into the jingle hall of fame, sitting next to the likes of ASAP Glass and the Reading and Writing Hotline.

1. Toyota

Boasting to be the world’s biggest name in the material handling industry, Toyota is easily an Aussie favourite when it comes to all kinds of forklift trucks.

Since 1987, Toyota’s Australian branch, Toyota Material Handling, has supplied over 40,000 forklifts nationwide and have set the standard in safety and performance in their variety of engine and battery counterbalance forklifts.

Not only has the Toyota Materials Handling team won Machines4U’s Buyers Choice Award three years running, but they have also topped the Australian Forklift Survey multiple times (conducted by MHD Supply Chain Solutions magazine and Transport & Logistics News) as the go-to forklift suppliers for Australian owners and operators.

In the national survey, 41% of voters chose Toyota Forklifts as the best for:

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Productivity
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Safety

And for that reason, Toyota is Machine4U’s Number 1 Australian brand when it comes to all thing forklifts.

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Think we missed a brand or provider? Leave us a message and let us know!

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Australia's Top 10 Forklift Brands
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Australia's Top 10 Forklift Brands
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