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Review: 2013 Utilev UT25P 2.5 tonne Forklift

Review: 2013 Utilev UT25P 2.5 tonne Forklift

Utilev UT25P Forklift: The introduction

If you think that renting a forklift is a practical thing to do, then you should think again. In short-term, renting the said equipment can be worth it. For instance, during demand spikes in your business until they eventually drop. But in the long run, it may cost you a lot more. This is true if you’re contemplating of expanding your enterprise. Remember, having your own forklift is advantageous if your money-making venture is about to grow.

If you’re having a hard time finding the right one, then you’re in luck because we’re reviewing a forklift. After giving our two-cents worth, you should then consider if this is right for you or otherwise. Without further ado, here’s our review of the 2013 Utilev UT25P 2.5 tonne Forklift.

Utilev UT25P Forklift: Key features

Utility you can trust

This is actually one of Utilev’s taglines: Utility you can trust. Utilev forklifts–including the UT25P 2.5 tonne Forklift–are designed to deliver no-nonsense results. For instance, it is known for its straightforward approach to materials handling. In fact, it offers a wide array of capabilities that are designed to handle light to medium duty operating workloads. Thus, if you’re looking for a reliable solution that will meet your targets. This model is perfect for you; in addition, your operating costs can be kept down low.

Easy to maintain

Regular maintenance is a must in the business world. Failure to address this may cause your productivity and earnings to drop. Well, worry no more because maintenance and repair are the core of Utilev. Their expert factory-trained technicians ensure that your forklift truck, regardless of the model, is properly maintained and serviced. To add, dealers have cutting-edge facilities that are more than capable of taking care of minor and major repairs.

Excellent visibility and driver access 

Visibility is essential when it comes to forklifts since it contributes to precision and efficient handling. You’d be happy to know that (again) Utilev UT25P 2.5 tonne got you covered. Its rigid masts provide top-notch visibility that won’t compromise your field of vision. This, in turn, can help boost efficiency. Plus, thanks to its low step height and ergonomic grab handles you can get in and out of the forklift. Furthermore, its standard seat is specifically designed to deliver superior comfort. In the long run, it can also prevent tiredness when working for prolonged periods.


The Utilev UT25P 2.5 tonne and other Utilev forklifts are made of some of the finest and most robust components. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’d have something that can withstand the test of time. Plus, it comes with an excellent filtration as well as a cooling system that can help prevent wear and tear.

Utilev UT25P Forklift: Price

Used – $23,000 AUD ($25,300 AUD GST Inclusive) – Adaptalift Hyster Forklift Rentals & Sales

Utilev UT25P Forklift: Videos

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