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Review: Agrimac-Agria TH-300 4WD Forklift Truck

Review: Agrimac-Agria TH-300 4WD Forklift Truck

Agrimac-Agria TH-300: The Introduction

Those who are not directly working in warehouses and manufacturing businesses may find it hard to understand the importance of forklift trucks in such sites. Generally, these small industrial vehicles are vital pieces of equipment that can help you carry and move large bulks of materials short distances. Though remember that their uses and advantages don’t just end there. Most of the time, they can also be utilised to tackle a wide range of tasks, including container stacking and more.

Now, if you’re thinking of putting up your own shipping biz, a forklift truck is then something that you should never forget buying. On the market today, there are different brands that you can actually choose from. I can even share with you the ones that have garnered several good feedback from many operators. Let’s start with the Agrimac-Agria TH-300 4WD Forklift. Below are its features and benefits:

Agrimac-Agria TH-300: Key Features


Agrimac is one of the biggest names in the material handling equipment industry. That’s why when my team called me up for a quick performance test, I immediately said yes because I know my experience will be beyond the average. And I was right. When I first saw the TH-300, I was completely in awe with its quality. Similar to other machines in the Agrimac range, the model was also manufactured and assembled in Europe and was produced with components from major suppliers, like Deutz. It integrates a large load capacity, too, and a strong powertrain, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty applications.

Power and performance

The TH-300 is a result of Agrimac’s extensive knowledge and 30 years of experience in the industry. Upon testing it, I was impressed that it was able to solve the problems of our operations where other trucks have fallen short. It worked really well in difficult conditions, even on rough terrains. All thanks to its superb features and components. To be exact, the truck integrates a Deutz diesel engine and a Rexroth hydrostatic transmission, which both help it withstand the most demanding material handling applications.

In addition to that, the Agria model also has an excellent load capacity. With its robust container mast, it can efficiently lift 3000kg of loads to up to 6m high.

Overall construction

There’s still more to the TH-300 forklift truck apart from its quality European built. Impressively, it brings these true 4×4 capabilities, too. But what’s really noteworthy are its soft tyres. These are switchable between 2WD and 4WD. During our test, we’ve only used the 4WD when needed so we could prevent the tyres from wear and differential strain, and could consume more fuel.

The TH-300’s operator cabin is something worth sharing as well. It features this comfortable tilting cab with an outstanding vision, making tough material handling jobs a little easier. Also standard in this 4WD forklift truck is an advanced hydraulic system, a hydrostatic steering, and a sideshift. A full cab and duplex and triplex mast options, meanwhile, come as optional.

Agrimac-Agria TH-300: Price

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Agrimac-Agria TH-300: Videos

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Agrimac-Agria TH-300: The Verdict

Summing it all up, the Agrimac-Agria TH-300 is definitely a worthy investment for your start-up warehousing or shipping business. Not only can it help you lift and move materials short distances with ease, it can also tackle a wide range of applications. Personally, what I loved about it is the fact that it gets a heavy-duty construction and a powerful Deutz engine. These, along with the comfortable cabin, make it capable of withstanding the harshest operating environments. Simply put, the TH-300 is an efficient forklift truck that can excel in any rough terrain application.


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