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Review: 2012 Linde H160-1200 Forklift Truck

Review: 2012 Linde H160-1200 Forklift Truck

Linde H160-1200 Forklift Truck: The Introduction

The demand for forklift trucks has widely increased these past few decades, especially in the industries of manufacturing, mining, and agriculture. Normally, I encounter these type of equipment inside the warehouses and distribution centers that I visit, and they’re considered the lifeblood of these businesses since they help get jobs done in a jiffy by pretty much lifting and moving materials short distances. Now, if you’re searching for a forklift truck to add to your warehouse biz but on a tight budget to invest in a brand-new one, you know you can always go for a used model, or you can just hire one.

In today’s review, I will be featuring a forklift truck from one of the world’s leading manufacturers, Linde. Here’s my quick breakdown of the key features of the H160-1200 model.

Linde H160-1200 Forklift Truck: Key Features

Top-notch performance

One of the outstanding features of all forklifts from Linde is the hydraulic drive, and it’s good to know that their H160-1200 range has incorporated that feature. This particular model is equipped with the Linde high precision hydrostatic drive, which is said to be the world’s most advanced forklift drive system. Such feature maximises the machine’s performance and lessens maintenance since you can eliminate the need for conventional brakes, torque converters, or clutch packs. The drive system also allows the forklift to accelerate and decelerate smoothly.

The Linde Dual Pedal Travel Control and Linde Load Control features added in this truck also increase its performance and save time. These features allow the operator to maneuver the equipment without exerting too much effort and can load warehouse materials, such as empty containers, smoother and quicker.

Powerful standard features

What I like about Linde is that they always make sure they equip their forklifts with nothing but the best features. This is also what forklift resellers, such as the MLA Holdings Pty Ltd., think. The H160-1200 model is strong enough to lift up to 35,000 lbs and can travel up to 18.5 mph speed under full load. This is actually faster compared to other forklifts in its class. The model is also armed with a high-performance hydraulic oil filter, an on-demand hydrostatic power steering, and a Cummins QSB 6.7 liter diesel engine.

Reliability and durability

Given that it is powered by a Cummins diesel engine, and is armed with a Linde hydrostatic drive system that allows the machine to operate even without mechanical transmission, you can ensure low operating costs and minimised maintenance, therefore, providing a longer forklift life.

Comfort and ergonomic design

Enough of the technical side, let’s now focus on the safety and the built of the Linde H160-1200. Basically, the truck’s spacious, air-conditioned, and cushioned operator cab is mounted on high-density rubber bearings and is far enough from the vibrations of the engine. It comes with a comfortable hydraulic suspension seat (with seat belt) that helps eliminate shocks when driving over rough surfaces and fingertip hydraulic controls (built into the armrest) that lessen operator’s fatigue. It is also equipped with some interior components that protect it from road shock damages and chassis vibrations, again providing a longer forklift service life.

Linde H160-1200 Forklift Truck: Price

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Linde H160-1200 Forklift Truck: Videos

Linde H160-1200 Forklift Truck: The Verdict

Summing up, the Linde H160-1200 forklift truck provides both quality and comfort. Knowing that it’s manufactured by a leading company, I think it can well compete with some of the finest when it comes to performance, lifting power, and travel speed. The well-known hydrostatic drive system and other impressive features that are incorporated to it allow it to operate efficiently and smoothly even when handling heavy loads. Thus, even if you’ll just invest in a used and refurbished H160-1200 model, you can still guarantee a stable and great performance. I find it suitable not only for warehouses but also for a wide range of construction and industrial applications.


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