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Buyer’s Guide to John Deere S670 Combine Harvesters

Buyer’s Guide to John Deere S670 Combine Harvesters

In the market for a John Deere S670 harvester? In this buyer’s guide, we delve into the price, specs and maintenance tips (with links to the manual) for the John Deere S670 combine.

Uses For The S670 Combine

John Deere S670 combine side view
Source: Machines4U

The John Deere S Series harvesters are for crop harvesting. They come standard with small-grain headers for crops like beans, peas, grains and soya.

Larger than the S660 but smaller than the John Deere S680, the S670 offers a decent amount of power for small to mid-range jobs.

The S670 John Deere Harvester In Action

John Deere S670 Combine Price

We’ve found that used John Deere S670 models range between $85,000 and $440,000, averaging at $280,141. This is dependent on age, condition and hours. The current average price of a John Deere S670 combine listed on Machines4U $262,182*.

John Deere S670 Specs

John Deere S670 combine

Engine: John Deere PowerTech PSS Engine

Cylinders: 6

Max Power: 425 HP

Conveyor Width: 1,397 mm

Conveyor Length: 1,727 mm

Grain Tank Capacity: 10,572 L

Unloading Rate: 120L/sec

Operating Weight w/o Attachment: 16,381 kg

Get full John Deere S670 specs here.

Pros And Cons Of The S670 Combine

S670 combine cab
Source: Machines4U

The S670 is great for farmers operating a small-to-medium sized operation. But it also has a couple of drawbacks that you should consider to make sure this is the right combine for you.


  • Smart CommandTouch™ multi-speed feederhouse gives power to harvest crops faster and match conditions.
  • Isochronous engine governor keeps machine speed constant. It reduces engine operating speed and allows for less fuel usage.
  • ProDrive™ propulsion system makes harvesting on rolling ground and slopes easy.

Things To Consider

  • 30% smaller cab than the S680.
  • Manually need to fine-tune your requirements to get greatest yield.

Minimise John Deere S670 Problems With Daily Maintenance

John Deere S670 monitor
Source: Machines4U

According to the John Deere S670 manual, “Regular cleaning and other routine maintenance procedures reduces the risk of fire, chance of costly downtime, and improves machine performance.”

Here’s a quick list of routine maintenance procedures for the S670 John Deere combine.

Daily Routine Maintenance & Cleaning

“These areas may need more frequent cleaning, even multiple times per day, depending on harvest conditions. Be aware of harvest conditions and adjust your cleaning schedule to ensure proper machine function and to reduce the risk of fire.”
— John Deere S670 Manual

First, use compressed air to clean the combine, starting with areas accessible from the engine deck. Once complete, do a walkaround of the combine to check and clean the following:

  • Rear underside of fuel tank
  • Areas around bearings and bearing guards
  • Fuse center and battery box areas
  • Grain elevator drives
  • Walk areas and mud shields
  • Transmission
  • Rotor areas and rotor drives
  • Residue disposal drives

A few other things to consider:

  • Every 10 hours, check the surge tank coolant level while the engine is cold. Coolant level must be between ‘max cold’ and ‘min cold’ lines.
  • Every 10 hours, grease the rear axle spindle bearings and motor pivots (if working in wet harvest)
  • Clean air conditioning drain hose on both sides of cab.
  • Turn the sheave on the Feeder House Reverser Drive Gearcase so fittings are in the 12 and 2 o’clock positions. For severe conditions, grease fitting in 12 o’clock position with 5-8 pumps every 10 hours (10-15 times every 50 hours in normal conditions) and 2 o’clock position 2-3 pumps (or 5-8 every 50 hours).

Still have questions? Let us know in the comments below, or check out used John Deere S670 combines for sale.

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*Prices based on Machines4U listing data provided by sellers/advertisers and are an approximation only. Data is correct up to and at time of publishing. Prices may change, please verify with individual sellers.

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