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Buyer’s Guide to John Deere S680 Combine Harvesters

Buyer’s Guide to John Deere S680 Combine Harvesters

When it comes to heavy-duty farm equipment for sale, like the John Deere S680 combine harvester, it’s important to make right choice.

So, let’s see if this combine harvester is the right piece of machinery for you.

What Are S680 Combine Harvesters Used For?

This combine harvester is for agricultural crop harvesting. It comes standard with small-grain headers designed to harvest crops such as grains, beans, peas, corn, wheat, barley, oats and soya. If you are harvesting these types of crops on a commercial scale, you’re in the right place.

Just make sure you keep the size of your operation in the back of your mind. Bigger isn’t always better, especially if you have no means of transporting a higher volume of grain. Make sure you buy a combine that fits your needs/harvest scale.

Learn more about choosing the right combine harvester for your needs.

The Combine In Action

See how the John Deere S680 combine makes light work of heavy crop harvesting.

How Much Is a John Deere S680 Harvester?

A brand new John Deere S680 combine harvester costs approx. $500,000, with used machines ranging from $300,000–$350,000*.

John Deere are the big players in farm machinery and as such, come with the largest price tag in the marketplace.

John Deere Harvester S680 Specs Overview

John Deere S680 Combine Harvester
Source: Machines4U

Engine: John Deere PowerTech PSS Engine

Cylinders: 6

Max Power: 2200 rpm

Conveyor Width: 1397 mm

Conveyor Length: 1727 mm

Grain Tank Capacity: 10600 L

Unloading Speed: 116.3 L/sec

Unloading Discharge Height: 4.4 m

Operating Weight w/o Attachment: 16381 kg

Click here for a full list of John Deere S680 combine harvester specifications.

Why Buy New Over Used?

One word: technology. Automation is the big new player in combines. In the S680 you will need to fine-tune the combine manually, both mechanically and operationally, to get a better seed sample and the maximum amount of yield with minimal amount of losses.

“Automation is definitely where we see technology going for farming machinery.”

Chesterfield Australia representative

As we move forward into the 700 series, automation has become a huge focus for John Deere. Where before you would be manually fine-tuning, now the new 700 Series machines automatically make those adjustments for you. This makes things much easier for yourself / the operator and allows you to place less-experienced operators into the machine to do the job.

Something to think about!

The Pros & Cons of the S680 Combine Harvester

John Deere S680 Harvester
Source: Machines4U

As with any machine, the S680 has its benefits and its drawbacks. Here are the main factors to consider before buying it.


  • Smart CommandTouch™ multi-speed feederhouse gives you the power to harvest crops faster and match crop conditions.
  • EvenMax cleaning system offers high-performance and reduced slope sensitivity. The S680 includes an extended front chaffer to provide extra cleaning capacity.
  • ProDrive™ propulsion system makes harvesting on rolling ground and slopes easy. This is a high-capacity system so you can maintain productivity and minimise lost time shifting on hills and when exiting fields.
  • See it all, know it all, do it all from the cab—30% larger than the S670, super comfortable, with incredible visibility.

Things to Consider

  • Expensive to buy—used John Deere S680 combine harvesters cost between $300,000–$350,000
  • Manually need to fine-tune your requirements to get maximum yield
  • If the inbuilt tech plays up, you have to wait for a service tech to diagnose and re-calibrate the system. However, this is pretty standard for these days for farming machinery as it helps protect your machine.

So what do you reckon, is the s680 for you? We have plenty of used John Deere S680 combines for sale for you to check out.

*Prices are based on Machines4U listing data provided by sellers/advertisers and are an approximation only. Data is correct up to and at time of publishing. Prices may change and need to be verified with individual sellers.

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