Choosing the right combine brands can make or break your harvest.

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There’s so much more to consider than the combine’s colour, so we’ve gone ahead and done the research for you. In this article we look at the top 3 combine brands in Australia, taking into account their:

  • Popularity (how many people on our site are searching for their brand in the last 30 days)
  • Inventory volume on Machines4U
  • Brand awareness
  • Advancements in innovation that benefit you
  • How they rank in the EquipmentWatch Awards

While there aren’t a huge amount of combine brands in Australia, we thought it’s still worthwhile helping buyers (like you) make the most informed choice.

Top 3 Combine Brands

  1. John Deere
  2. Case IH
  3. New Holland

Honourable mention:

  • Massey Ferguson

So, let’s get into it!

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1. John Deere Harvesters

combine brands - John Deere

It’s not surprising to see John Deere at the top of our list. They dominate the ag industry, securing over 15% of total harvesting-related searches on And it may be the sheer volume of machines they manufacture, but there’s something to be said for their 90-odd combine harvester listings currently on our site.*

High buyer demand and solid brand awareness are key players in John Deere’s reign over ag. But there is one other element that has snagged them the top position: innovation.

Sure, all the OEMs in this list have contributed some amazing technologies for harvesting. But we’re impressed at the sheer amount of new technologies available in John Deere’s S series combines (such as the S680). Technologies such as:

  • GoHarvest mobile app
  • Mobile farm manager
  • Operations centre
  • SeedStar Mobile for row-by-row planter performance
  • Data management solutions
  • In-field data sharing
  • Harvestlab 3000 – measure yield & moisture while harvesting (and much more)
  • JDLink maintenance tracking & reports
  • Remote management
  • Guidance systems
  • Variable rate application
  • Field and water management
  • Automated trailer and truck filling
  • AutoTrac main and sub-systems for better harvesting
  • And more

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2. Case IH Combines

combine brands - Case IH

Coming in second place for top combine brands is Case IH. As leaders in their field (see what we did there) and enhancing their combines year after year, they only narrowly missed top position in our list.

When it comes to brand searches, Case IH aren’t quite as popular as John Deere. They capture 11% of harvesting-related search traffic on Yet the volume of Case IH inventory on our site is the second-largest with 34 combines for sale in Australia*.

For innovation, newer models of Case harvesters do have a lot of great optional and in-built tech such as:

  • Harvest monitoring and control
  • AFS variety tracking – mapping & records, yield & moisture monitor, 2-way file transfer
  • AFS Connect – Live time dashboard, fleet management, graphics reports, custom alerts
  • Equipment Efficiencies – AFS – Row guide, auto-cut width, variety tracking
  • Single-rotor design and technology
  • One-touch control grain tank extensions
  • Automatic crop settings
  • Self-levelling cleaning system

Another big reason Case IH come in at second place is thanks to their EquipmentWatch awards. EquipmentWatch is the world leader in data, software and insights for heavy equipment. So when they give out awards, we notice! They crowned Case IH the winner of the Best Retained Value award not once, but twice for the same combine harvester:

  • 2019: Case IH Axial-Flow 140
  • 2017: Case IH Axial-Flow 140

This means Case IH manufacture high-quality combines that keep their value as time goes on. Always a good thing to know if you’re looking to buy one!

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3. New Holland Harvesters

combine brands - new holland

To wrap up our list, at #3 is New Holland. New Holland harvesters are solid machines and made our list thanks to their popularity (5% of harvesting-related brand searches) and their recognition in the EquipmentWatch awards.

Crowned the winner for the combine category for Highest Retained Value in 2016, their CR9000 Series set New Holland up for ongoing success. They also take a lot of pride in their combine technology and innovation, with their latest models including tech like:

  • Automatic header height control
  • Intellicruise automatic crop feeding system
  • Opti-fan technology
  • Self-levelling cleaning shoe
  • Remote sieve adjustment
  • CR automatic crop setting
  • Intellisteer guidance system
  • Integrated yield mapping and real-time moisture sensing

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Honorable Mention: Massey Ferguson

We couldn’t finish up this list without giving Massey Ferguson an honourable mention. While they don’t dominate the brand searches or have many combines for sale on our site, they have received an EquipmentWatch award. Massey Ferguson took home the Best Retained Value award for combines in 2018, with their 9500 HRV model.

For innovation and technology, Massey Ferguson cover it all:

  • Comfort. Cab suspension, speedsteer, CCD with video camera facility
  • Productivity. Autotronic, guidance systems,  headland management
  • Performance. Electronic engine management, transmission control
  • Farm management. Distance and area covered monitoring, single-point function control, AgCommand for high machine visibility at all times.

What did you think of our top combine brands list? Let us know in the comments below, or see combines harvesters for sale.

*Machines4U inventory numbers are correct at time of publishing and are expected to change.

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