January is an important time of the year for metalworks with the BAU 2017 (the world’s leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems) wrapping up in Germany and metalwork giants showing strength for the coming year, there’s plenty to look forward to in the industry’s near future…

1. Inductaflex Introduces New High-powered Induction Bending Cell

Image Credit: inductaflex.com

Metal-forming specialist Inductaflex have launched a powerful and versatile bending cell that is capable of bending pipes and other shaped sections at unprecedented speeds and proficiency. The bending cell averages 400 mm per minute bend speeds and boasts an automatic loading system that allows the Inductaflex Induction Bending Cell to process up to 250 – 300 standard 3D bends per day. Pumped up? Check inductaflex.com for more details about Inductaflex powerhouse equipment.

2. Haco Buys Design Technologies International to Reinforce Global Status

One of the world’s leading aluminum machine manufacturers, Haco, have released a statement following their purchase of Polish Machine tool company DTI. In their website, Haco have expressed their intention to boost their position in the custom-made machine tools market while implementing several turn-key projects, following the acquisition.  For a deeper look of the Haco-DTI deal, head over to: http://www.machinery.co.uk/.

3.Makino Unveils  New A120NX Machining Centre for Heavy-duty Applications

Makino have impressed industry critics earlier this month with the introduction of a new machining centre, designed specifically for continuous production and heavy-duty applications. The A120NX is the largest unit in the NX-series, but it maintains the ability to process oversized industrial equipment swiftly and accurately.  Here’s a closer look at the A120NX’s features: machiningnews.com.

4. Method Machine Tools Expands Feeler Range with U-800 Machining Centre

Armed with a Heidenhain TNC-640 control, a powerful HSK-63 27-hp, 12,000-rpm, direct-drive spindle for efficient high-speed machining, and a servo-driven, 32-tool carousel ATC (Automatic Tool-changer), the U-800 five-axis machining centre is arguably one of the most powerful machines to be released in January. The fine balance between power and precision assures accuracy and productivity. Here’s an inside look into Method Machine’s U-800. mmsonline.com

5. Brother Updates Speedio M140X1 to a More Ergonomic, Efficient M140X2

The successor of the famed M140X1 has finally reached the machine tools market. The aptly named M140X2 has made notable upgrades to equipment accessibility, efficiency, and ergonomics. The M140X2 can execute tool changes in just 0.9 seconds, placing it among the fastest outputs in its class. For the finer details on the M140X2, visit mtdcnc.com.

6.Machinery Companies Show-off at Munich for the Bi-annual BAU 2017

Elumatec, Emmegi, and Wicona gave the BAU 2017 crowds a glimpse of what to expect over the coming year in the machine tools industry. The powerhouse companies showcased new products and technology over the six-day event that took place in Munich, Germany. Elumatec led the way with their SBZ-628 profile machining centre for aluminum and vinyl products, which has been optimized for one-man operation. Emmegi introduced their new Phantomatic X-4 CNC machining centre and Wicona teamed with Guardian Glass to introduce a highly energy-efficient aluminum solution to be developed for sustainable urban new-build projects. More than 250,000 attended the event, with 2120 exhibitors from 45 countries participating. More details from this year’s successful BAU can be accessed at: dwmmag.com.

7. Matsuura Reveals H.Plus-504 for Heavy-Duty Processing of Larger Workpieces

The metal-forming industry is set for a huge boost with the arrival of Matsuura’s powerhouse H.Plus-504 machining centre, which has been designed for bigger materials and projects. The equipment has been designed to include a 500 x 500-mm pallet and working envelope that will handle loads reaching 800 mm in diameter, 1000 mm in height, and weighing 750 kilogrammes. The unit also has the NC Matsuura G-Tech 31i installed with the MIMS (Matsuura Intelligent Meister System) to simplify the machine’s operation. Check out the full specs here: mmsonline.com.

8. Elumatec Kicks-off the Year Strong with Impressive BAU 2017 Presentation

Elumatec have re-established their position as a leader in the international machine tools manufacturing market, with an encouraging display at this year’s BAU 2017 Trade Fair. The company proudly showed-off their SBZ-122/75, a premiere 5-axis profile machining centre; SBZ-51, a powerful all-rounder for industrial profile machining; and SBZ-122/71 a 3-axis machine that evolved from an early 2015 concept. More highlights of Elumatec’s 2017 presentation can be found at BAU: elumatec.us.

9. Mitutoyo Measuring Solutions to Introduce A Variety of New Products

Mitutoyo, a global force in precision measuring solutions, will launch an array of new workshop tools at the upcoming Southern Manufacturing Exhibition in March. The company announced that new hand tools such as calipers, micrometers, and hand gauges are among the products that will make their debut at the event. The company’s “talked-about” Ko-Ga-Me Measuring System will also make its anticipated reveal before the SME crowd. For a preview of the tools Mitutoyo will showcase at the SME, visit: mtdcnc.com.

10. Dugard Moves on from the XE Series Line; Introduces XP Machining Centres

Dugard introduced a new line of machining centres that will emerge from its now defunct XE line. From XE’s 20 tool-change system, XP series will purport an improved 28-tool change setup as well as standard features like a spindle coolant, 44/min rapids, heavier linear guideways and a 12,000 rpm spindle motor. The 760XP will be the first machining centre from the new line and will be available with a Siemens, Heidenhain, or FANUC CNC control unit. For more on the 760XP, click here: mtdcnc.com.

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January is an important time of the year for metalworks with the BAU 2017 (the world's leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems) wrapping up in Germany and metalwork giants showing strength for the coming year, there's plenty to look forward to in the industry's near future.
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