The Kubota U17-3 excels when it comes to working in tight spaces. The zero-tail swing means you can rotate the cab of this 1.7-tonne excavator in any direction without any part of it going over the tracks. This makes it a perfect choice for working in tight, enclosed areas that other excavators can’t get to.

The zero-tail turn, combined with the 2310 mm maximum digging depth means the Kubota U17-3 is a versatile excavator that is ideal for small renovations, roadworks and construction work.

Kubota U17-3 Specs

Kubota U17-3

Don’t let its size fool you The Kubota U17-3 packs enough power under the hood to handle a variety of tasks around your worksite. With a breakout force of 1,550 kg, a dedicated bucket and the quick coupler, the U17-3 has the power you need, when you need it most.

Engine Kubota D902-E3
Output (SAEJ 1995 Gross) 17 hp (12.7 kW)
Output (SAEJ 1349 Net) 15.2 hp (11.3 kW)
Operating Weight 1730 kg (incl. operator weight of 80kg)
Tracks Rubber
Travel Speed (km/h) Low/High 2.1/4.1

More Specs

Specs are based off an overseas model and local machines may vary. Consult with your dealer/seller before purchasing.

This version of the U17-3 has an updated travel motor, resulting in 10% increased traction compared to older U17-3s. It also has a lower centre of gravity and longer tumbler distance, helping to improve stability and ensure smooth operation.

Inside the Cab

Kubota U17-3 Cab

The cab of the U17-3 is more spacious than other traditional tail-swing excavators and features a selection of enhancements to make long days more comfortable. The deluxe high-back provides optimal comfort for any size operator and the wide foot area is spacious and reduces operator fatigue.

To further reduce operator fatigue, the 2-speed travel switch has been relocated to the dozer level, opening up the floor and creating more space, while also being convenient and quicker to access and operate.

Also fitted in the cab is the digital panel. This panel accurately displays diagnostic readings and routine maintenance alerts, as well as engine RPM, temperature and oil levels.

Kubota Serviceability

Komatsu Engine

To reduce maintenance costs and improve site efficiency, the Kubota U17-3 has an improved maintenance layout and access points. Making it quick and easy for service agents to access and maintain or repair key components in the excavator.

There is wide-opening hood covers on the left and right side of the excavator, providing easy access to the:

  • Engine oil gauge
  • Coolant reserve tank
  • Dual element air cleaner
  • Fuel filter
  • Water separator
  • Battery
  • Radiator
  • Oil Cooler

With no bolts to unscrew, the under-deck hydraulics are also quick and easy to access for your routine maintenance. Simply lift the rubber mat and open the floor plate.

In an effort to further reduce repair costs, all the front houses are routed within the arm, improving operator visibility and increasing hose service life.


The 1.7 tonne Kubota U17-3 excavator can be found for a relatively low price depending on age, condition and use. On average, you can expect to be paying about $27,000 for a used U17-3, though it can fluctuate from $15,000 up to $55,000. Of course, if you’re buying at an excavator auction this price could vary.

Of course, if the Kubota U17-3 isn’t quite the excavator you’re looking for, have a look through other new and used excavators listed here.

Prices are an average taken from Price can vary. Always discuss with your dealer/seller before purchasing.

Sources: Kubota Australia, U17-3 product brochure

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