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United Heavy Industries (UHI Machinery) is a relatively new player in the machinery and equipment market targeting small businesses, the hobbyist and those who struggle to find machinery fit for tight access jobs.

When it comes to digging trenches, post hole boring, moving dirt and other smaller-scale jobs, it can be difficult to find the right machine without having to go over budget. The options available tend to be larger machines that are generally more expensive and more powerful than the job requires. That’s why small machinery specialists United Heavy Industries have decided to bridge this gap and help Aussies get what they need. 

Director of United Heavy Industries, Tang, says their break into the small machinery market is a welcome change in the industry. 

“There was an obvious gap in the market where small business owners were frustrated having to overpay for large machinery they didn’t necessarily need, simply because there were no other options out there. United Heavy Industries was built to close that gap, and provide machinery that suits the needs of smaller job sites.”

UHI Machinery runs on the belief that everyone should have access to the right machinery at a fair price. 

Small Machinery Specialists


UHI Machinery stocks a range of mini machinery such as this mini excavator. Source: Supplied.

UHI Machinery has been a small machinery specialist since they emerged in Australia more than three years ago. At their dealerships, you won’t find many large machines; instead you will see rows and rows of mini loaders, mini excavators, and wheel loaders – all ready and waiting to get to work.

With such a wide variety of small but mighty machinery, it’s no surprise that a lot of time and effort is put into ensuring the equipment is built tough. UHI Machinery offers durable machinery thanks to their robot-welded frames which create super strong structures.

Those in populated areas aren’t the only ones who need machines to get jobs done. Plenty of farmers and other businesses operate in remote areas, so UHI Machinery have made sure they can deliver Australia wide, which sets them apart from many other machinery businesses. 

“We know how important it is for Aussie businesses to have access to smaller-size machinery, so we’ve become the go-to OEM for mini machines,” adds Tang.

Budget Friendly 

Along with their small-scale machinery, UHI Machinery have been very focused on keeping their prices low to be able to remain within a small-business budget. They’ve been able to achieve this by cutting out the ‘middleman’ and selling direct from the factory. This way they are able to minimise cost and pass those savings onto UHI Machinery customers.  

“Our customers are small business owners, retirees on acreage, and hobby farmers who still require quality yet don’t have the need or budget to pay for larger machines. We’ve worked hard to bring Aussie business owners the best-value small machinery on the market,” says Tang.


Tang says a customer now is a customer for life for United Heavy Industries. Part of ensuring the satisfaction of their customers is UHI Machinery’s 3-year parts warranty.

“All our machinery is backed by our 3-year parts warranty. This gives our customers peace of mind, so if anything goes wrong, we are more than happy to send the part to your doorstep or bring the machine back to our warehouse for diagnosis and repair,” says Tang. 

To UHI Machinery, after-sales service is paramount. “Service is what sets the good apart from the great. We believe our high standards of service will help us maintain our strong brand image and brand loyalty now and into the future,” Says Tang.

Ongoing Growth

With just three years in Australia, UHI Machinery has grown rapidly in that time. You’ll find UHI Machinery dealerships across Australia including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, and are looking to expand further over the next year.

“The demand for our machinery has blown us away. In order to keep up, we will be looking into expanding further into Australia to cover all major cities in the next 1 or 2 years,” says Tang. 

See United Heavy Industry’s current stock on Machines4U.  

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