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When you’re living on the biggest island on earth, you might have to travel a fair distance to go to your job site. With the Series 8 range of Atlas Copco portable compressors, Redstar Equipment can help you to get the job done no matter how far you need to go.

David Buttigieg, Sales Manager for Redstar Equipment says, “No matter what you need a light-weight portable compressor for, you’ll be able to tow a series 8 range compressor anywhere that you need it.”

The new 8 Series compressor range combines efficiency, reliability and convenience in one easily transportable package.

“For the first time, it’s possible to transport a compressor that can produce up to 5 m3/min of air, with a full-size fuel tank, aftercooler and generator – all towed behind a normal passenger car, with no special driving license required,” David says.

He adds, “This is all made possible by Atlas Copco producing a compressor which is up to 150kg lighter than comparable models. They’ve also reduced service time, fuel consumption and increased utilization.”

Of course depending on your application you might ask about robustness, durability, ruggedness or toughness – we have one simple word for all the above – The HardHat®. This legendary canopy was born in 2005 and the 8 Series features the latest, toughest design. This makes them perfect for harsh conditions in the great Australian outdoors.

About the Atlas Copco XAS 88 kd

Within this range, there are 10 new models with air flows from 2-5m3/min. They are 150kg lighter than comparable models and contain one completely new screw element.

David says, “Your downtime will be at a minimum, with under 60 minutes’ service time and the compressor oil service only required once every two years.”

He adds, “Eleven years of development has resulted in the legendary Hard Hat®Canopy to protect your compressor from a wide range of conditions and further development means the compressors are 12% more fuel efficient have a 15% smaller footprint than comparable models.”

Features and Options

The compressors come with 8 standard features.

1. Reliable and high performance Kubota engine

2. Legendary HardHat® canopy

3. Starter motor protection

4. Three-layer anti-corrosion (c3) paint system

5. Anti-air lock system for guaranteed starting

6. Spillage free frame

7. Battery cut off switch

8. Encased wire routings for extra protection

This range also has a wide range of options, giving you added flexibility. These options include:

· Adjustable towbar with brakes

· Adjustable towbar without brakes

· Fixed towbar with brakes

· Fixed towbar without brakes

· DoT approved undercarriage

· Support mounted

· Support leg

· Jockey wheel

· Road signalization + wheel chocks

· Towing eye (DIN, NATO, AC, BNA, ITA, GB, Ball coupling)

· Loose ball coupling

· Special colours

· Cold start

· Toolbox

· Aftercooler + water separator

· Aftercooler + water separator + reheater

· Aftercooler by-pass

· Additional fuel filter

· Safety cartridge

· Lubricator

· Non-return valve

· Tilt protection

· Air filter vacuum system

· Hose reel

· 4th O/L valve (simple attachment)

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