• July 30, 2018
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Patriot 2230 proves good things do come in small packages

Patriot 2230 proves good things do come in small packages

The Patriot® sprayer range has been a fixture on the Australian farming scene for more than 20 years, but the smallest member of the Patriot team is a relative newcomer to the local market.


Case IH’s Patriot 2230 is cousin to the larger 4430 and 3330, and while its physical size is not as grand, its performance and features will make it a perfect partner for many producers – from vegetable farmers to cotton growers.


“Its capabilities in the field are proof you can get all the features of a big sprayer in a small-chassis package,” said Alyx Selsmeyer, High Horsepower and Sprayer Product Manager for Case IH Australia New Zealand.


“This is a cost-efficient machine with the Patriot DNA – consistent and accurate application every time in all conditions, great fuel economy and cab comfort that delivers on even the longest of days.”


Alyx said one of the unique features of the 2230 was that it had the highest clearance of all the Patriot models, and other competitor models.


“It has the greatest distance from the ground to the lowest point on the underbelly of the machine, which, depending on what you’re producing, makes it very appealing,” she said.


The Patriot 2230 is a 2498 litre Class II sprayer featuring:


  • Case IH FPT engine – 175 base hp/190 peak hp
  • Cool, quiet, comfortable Patriot cab
  • A solid frame and a boom design offering greater durability and longer service life
  • AccuBoom Automatic Boom Section control that automatically turns off boom sections when entering an area that has already been sprayed. When leaving the applied area, sections are turned back on
  • AutoBoom Automatic Boom Height control that detects changes in terrain and adjusts the booms accordingly
  • An independent suspension system that, even in the most challenging of terrain, absorbs shock loads in ways no other suspension package does
  • The distinctive cab forward, rear-engine Patriot design that allows for a light footprint – minimising rutting and soil compaction – while maintaining maximum performance


Alyx said the technology offering on the 2230 was the same as that for the larger Patriots, with the likes of the AccuGuide auto guidance system as standard, and the option available for AIM Command FLEX, the spray system that helps maintain optimal coverage over a range of speeds and terrain.


While the smaller Patriot had particular appeal for those in the horticultural industry or on smaller holdings, Alyx said, the 2230 was also worth a look for the likes of cotton and other broadacre crops.


“The charm of the 2230 is that it’s an entry-level machine that doesn’t compromise on efficiency, durability or comfort,” she said.


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