• November 27, 2018
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Case IH Early Riser 2130 Hits Aussie Shores

Case IH Early Riser 2130 Hits Aussie Shores

The Case IH Early Riser 2130 has finally reached Australian shores. Case IH partnered with leading ag tech company Precision Planting to build this exciting new attachment. This is the only planter engineered and built with Precision Planting components direct from the factory.

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Why is the Case IH Early Riser 2130 a big deal?

Case IH Early Riser 2130 planter
A Magnum 380 working with the Early Riser 2130. The planter has just arrived in Australia and combines tried-and-tested design features with the industry’s most accurate planter technologies. Source: Supplied

No longer will Case IH planter customers need to buy add-on technology. That’s big news. And Case IH are excited about it.

Andrew Kissel, Product Manager for Planting and Soil Management Equipment for Case IH, explains how they wanted to give customers a complete machine from the factory floor.

“…this planter needed to leave the factory with everything the customer needs for their operation… rather than having to make the initial purchase and incur the additional costs of technology add-ons.”

Australian farmers can now experience the accuracy and performance of the Case IH Early Riser 2000 series. The inbuilt tech gives farmers even more power from the cab. 

The technology allows us to understand what’s happening and control the environment to some extent. But the row unit itself and its components—the steel, the rubber on the bottom end of the machine—that’s what really makes the difference.”

See the Early Riser 2130 in Action

The planter recently had its first public outing at a demonstration day at Dalby, Queensland. More demonstration days planned in coming months across the country. See the planter in action:

So what can we expect from the new Early Riser 2130?

The row unit on the Early Riser 2130 planter ensures faster emergence and more uniform germination in a wide variety of crops. Source: Supplied

According to Mr Kissel, farmers can expect:

  • Faster emergence germination
  • More uniform germination
  • Greater yields, profitability & weed control

New features of the Early Riser 2000 Series planters include:

  • Opening & closing systems improved for difficult soils and tough conditions
  • More vertical travel for improved ground following & consistent planting depth in severe terrain
  • Speed & productivity without sacrificing accuracy
  • Row by row planting with DeltaForce® and vDrive®
  • Row by row shut-off of seed, insecticide, & fertiliser
  • Easy connectivity of the optional 20/20 SeedSense®, FieldView®, & iPad connectivity kit
  • Simplified serviceability & maintenance
  • Designed for ruggedness & durability to allow higher accuracy at your speed
  • Liquid fertiliser & insecticide options

Find a full list of specs here.

Initially, the Case IH Early Riser 2130 planter will be introduced to Australian cotton and sorghum farmers, but there are plans to take the planter further in future.

Have you had the chance to see one of these machines? Let us know in the comments, or take a look at seeding equipment for sale.

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