With thousands of seeding equipment ads listed on Machines4U in 2018, we decided to find out which brands proved most popular.

So after analysing our Machines4U buyer traffic data, we present to you the top 10 seeding equipment brands of 2018! Congrats to all who made the list.

  1. John Deere
  2. John Shearer
  3. Agromaster
  4. Aitchison
  5. Flexi-Coil
  6. Morris Industries
  7. Technik Plus
  8. Bourgault
  9. Agrolead
  10. Ausplow

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10. Ausplow

What better way to start a top 10 list than with a true-blue Aussie business? Ausplow have been creating solid seeding equipment since 1987. Their vision is to provide a precision one-pass seed establishment system for broadacre farming applications.

You’ll find the Ausplow badge on:

  • DBS Auseeders
  • Multistream air seeders
  • Standard air seeders
  • Tillage equipment

9. Agrolead

Agrolead takes out our number 9 spot. Founded in Konya, Turkey in 1996, Agrolead have quickly become a leading brand in ag equipment. They now manufacture and ship their seeding equipment to more than 56 countries worldwide.

Agrolead manufacture the following seeding machines:

  • Mechanical seed drills (single & twin disc, harrow tine & coulter tine)
  • Mechanical cereal seeders
  • Pneumatic planters
  • Potato planters & more

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8. Bourgault

Bourgault seeding equipment

Next up is Bourgault, a North American tillage and seeding equipment manufacturer. Designing and manufacturing their first machine (a cultivator) for another OEM, it was so well received they decided to mass produce their design themselves. Thus, Bourgault was born in 1974.

When it comes to seeding equipment, Bourgault just about do it all:

  • Air seeders
  • Air drills
  • Tillage equipment
  • Mid-row banders & shanks
  • Harrows & packers
  • Fertiliser applicators
  • Grain carts

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7. Technik Plus

Scraping past Bourgault for 7th position is Technik Plus. Founded in Austria in 1985 under the original name “Euro-Part”, and later renamed Technik Plus in 2006, this brand has grown to specialise in the manufacture of efficient, cost-effective pneumatic seed drills. And according to our search data, are a popular seeding equipment manufacturer!

They now also manufacture disc spreaders and hydraulic air seeders.

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6. Morris Industries

Established in 1929, Morris Industries is one of the longest established OEMs in our list. Their bright-red seeding and tillage equipment is hard to miss in the field, and are all built for strength, durability and forward-thinking innovation. Morris Industries creates equipment designed to make farm life that little bit easier.

You can expect all the usual equipment from Morris Industries, such as:

  • Air carts, drills and seeders
  • Packer & harrow bars
  • Specialised liquid systems

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5. Flexi-Coil

Flexi-Coil air seeder

And just like that, we’ve reached our top 5! Flexi-Coil has flown past the others to secure fifth place in our list, and we can see why. The creators of the revolutionary coil packer, Flexi-Coil have come a long way since 1952. Focusing on what farmers really need from their equipment, Flexi-Coil are now industry leaders. They manufacture solutions such as:

  • Air carts & precision ag
  • Air drills
  • Precision cultivators
  • Precision hoe drills

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4. Aitchison

Makers of the first trailed field cultivator, aerator and fertiliser spreaders, Aitchison has been a true trailblazer in the ag industry. Established for more than 35 years, Aitchison has become the specialist in all things seeding and soil management.

Their equipment includes:

  • Tine & disc drill seeders
  • Seed/fertiliser & seed-only seeders
  • Rollers & cultivators

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3. Agromaster

With a vision to create equipment centred on their customers, it’s no wonder Agromaster received so many searches that they’ve hit position 3. Founded in 1963, Agromaster has had decades to perfect their designs and deliver on their vision. They also have one of the largest product ranges compared to others on this list.

Agromaster manufactures:

  • Soil preparation equipment
  • Seed sowing equipment
  • Fertilising equipment
  • Spraying equipment
  • Mowers and choppers
  • Harvesters
  • Trailers

Find more Agromaster seeding equipment here.

2. John Shearer

John Shearer seeding equipment

Coming in at #2 is John Shearer—one of Australia’s oldest farm machinery manufacturers. We have to say, we’re happy to see an Aussie manufacturer so high up the list! Established in 1877, the John Shearer brand is synonymous with quality, as they place importance of manufacturing their equipment locally.

Machines by Shearer include:

  • Vineyard seeders
  • Direct drill seeders
  • Pasture drill seeders
  • Double disc seeders
  • Tyne & coulter/tyne drill seeders
  • A range of tillage equipment

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1. John Deere

John Deere seeding equipment

And last but certainly not least, (and probably not a surprise) is John Deere. Dominating the ag industry, John Deere is arguably the biggest name in farming machinery. And it shows, blowing the rest out of the water in terms of how many people searched for their seeding equipment in 2018.

John Deere manufacture a huge range of seeding equipment, including:

  • Air drills
  • Integrated air drills
  • Box drills
  • Commodity carts

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What do you think of this list? Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below!

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