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Rebuild for the Future with Cat® Certified Rebuilds

Rebuild for the Future with Cat® Certified Rebuilds

Presented by Caterpillar of Australia Pty Ltd

No matter what investment you’re making the value and life of the purchase is always front-of-mind. And, when it comes to machinery, this is a significant factor when considering your fleet and its future. The ability to opt for a Cat® Certified Rebuild allows this value to continue well into the future of your purchase. 

Customers can give their machine a new lease on life for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. But what exactly is a Cat Certified Rebuild?

Cat® Certified Rebuild Options

Cat Certified Rebuild options are changing the way fleets evolve. When major machine upgrades are required, customers can choose whether they want to replace, rebuild or repair their equipment. The decision to rebuild offers a cost-effective way to bring your machinery back to a like-new condition. 

As your business grows, you can evolve your fleet with a Cat Certified Rebuild and have the peace of mind of Caterpillar quality while making a lower capital investment. Caterpillar offers three rebuild options including: Cat Certified Powertrain, Cat Machine Component and Cat Full Machine rebuilds. 

Certified Powertrain Rebuild

A Powertrain Rebuild is a thorough process that involves: disassembling all components, performing critical engineering updates, and restoring the powertrain to like-new performance. 

This level of rebuild covers the radiator, engine, transmission, torque converter, final drive and axle. All machine components are checked and critical components are replaced to ensure the machinery operates like-new. Skilled technicians test to ensure the transmission, and all aspects of the powertrain, are fit and ready for service before the machine is reassembled.

Cat Product Link™ is also installed on all powertrain rebuild machines, so that the powertrain can generate data to boost productivity, reduce costs and manage risks. 

Cat Certified Rebuild. Source: Cat.com

Certified Machine Component Rebuild

The Cat Certified Machine Component Rebuild reintroduced reusability to the Caterpillar family. They invested heavily in the research and resources needed to ensure they met all reusability guidelines while meeting customer requirements. This process allowed Cat to develop a rebuild process that would allow customers the opportunity to receive quick and efficient serviceability at the intervals that suited them. 

Cat machines are built to last multiple lifetimes, and that’s exactly what the Certified Machine Component Rebuild helps achieve. This rebuild option restores the engine or transmission, plus torque converter to provide a like-new performance. It also includes critical engineering updates and has extended coverage available.

Certified Machine Rebuild

If you want to take your old machine to a new level, the Cat Certified Machine Rebuild is for you. This is the ultimate rebuild where you can benefit from the latest engineering updates and gain like-new performance for a fraction of the price of a new machine. What was old becomes new, and your machinery gets a new lease on life!

Cat Certified Machine Rebuilds use all genuine Caterpillar parts. Customers also receive a new parts warranty on all replaced parts. Not only that, but Cat dealers will also install Cat Product Link™ on all certified machine rebuilds.

In addition to all of the Certified Rebuild options, your Cat dealer offers a range of non-certified dealer machine rebuilds performed by a qualified technician with tailored financial solutions available.

Rebuild to Unlock the Ultimate Value of Your Machine

You don’t have to buy an entirely new machine to benefit from new technology and engineered improvements. The Cat Certified Rebuild options are an ideal solution to lower capital investment and ensure you get the ultimate value from your equipment.

Right now, your local Cat dealer has great offers available for 336 excavators, 988 wheel loaders and 777 dump trucks, which include:

  • Performance and technology upgrades
  • Extended warranty*
  • Competitive low finance rates*

To find out more visit cat.com/rebuilds-au or contact your local Cat dealer.

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