Wheel loaders in their endless variety and adaptability have cemented their place in Australian agriculture, construction and mining industries. As ritualistically as wheeled loaders embrace the work sites of Australia, they too cover the work sites of the world, and their universal application has meant that a healthy rivalry has formed between the countries producing these lifeblood machines.

Everun ER16: The Introduction

The wheel loader on site is usually the seasoned veteran, boasting about the working hours under its belt and showing the young pups how it’s done; and the loader deserves the respect it commands. With the machine noted for its fluidity and ability to change its application to suit the job before it, the loader will be a machine worth keeping around, so durability is a must.

China is a formidable competitor among the nations vying to produce the best value wheel loader, and Chinese brand Everun has forged a reputation for being cheap and reliable. The ER16 Wheeled Loader marks their continued foray into the loader industry, but does it live up to the brand’s reputation?

Everun ER16: Key Features

Swift and versatile

The Everun ER16 may weigh more than some of the compact loaders in the market (overall weight 4100kg), but the Chinese-made machines still manage to execute maneuverability in the field. The attachments available for the wheeled loader are also vast and many and thanks to Everun’s incorporation within Australian machine dealerships and online marketplaces, any attachment will never be beyond arms reach. The loaders hydraulic quick hitch design also means that attachments can be switched within minutes.

Strength and durability

Everun has engineered the ER16 with consideration to the machine’s durability and serviceability. By manufacturing an easy-to-maintain build and shaping the vehicle so that its key parts are easily accessible from the ground, there is no added hassle when servicing the machine. For outlasting the tempest of sporadic Australian weather, the machine’s frame is built from Everun wear resistance steel and the heavier frame provides support to the overall strength and durability of the machine.

Flexible interior

There is often some difficulty when making cab space for compact equipment, especially in cheaper models of wheeled loaders where the emphasis is on size and cost effectiveness. The Everun ER16 does its best to defeat this stereotype, by placing a degree of flexibility within the cab, the user takes on the onus of finding their own sweet spot and can adjust the seat and controls positioning to best suit their size and person. Not to mention the A/C and stereo to keep the operators sane during those mid-summer days.


At the heart of Everun’s ER16 is a Xinchai 498BT in-line arrangement, water-cooled, four-cycle diesel engine that is engineered to comply with EPA standards and reduce its output in carbon emissions. The ecologically considerate engine still reaches an output of 37 kW, which means the loader can operate at 2400 r/min and maintain a 1600kg lifting capacity.

Everun ER16: Price

New: $30,900

Used: Prices vary

Everun ER16: The Verdict

Everun are no strangers to the wheeled front end loader industry, narrowly missing a place on our top ten brands list that manufacture the machine within Australia earlier this year. And the ER16 Wheeled Loader does not disappoint the quick-forming legacy of the Chinese machinery giant.

It is a unit that navigates the trapezium of comfort, durability, maneuverability, and versatility while sparing the environment from a thick smog of diesel output. While the performance of the loader may not match the specs of other high-end brands available on the market, it is the perfect vehicle for any standard job that matches its versatility and brings with it a friendly price tag.

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