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Review: 2015 Hyundai Robex R55-9 Excavator

Review: 2015 Hyundai Robex R55-9 Excavator

Playing ball with the big guys in construction, the Hyundai Robex R55-9 is punching well above its weight. Considering its ample competition in well-established and respected European, American and Australian counterparts, the R55-9 holds its own in the marketplace.

Hyundai Robex R55-9: The Introduction

Hyundai’s tagline ‘We build a better future’ is nothing if not ambitious. Standing in an already crowded marketplace of big players, the Robex R55-9 was worth taking a look at for our review. Can Hyundai live up to its slogan with this 5.6 tonne excavator? Here’s what we thought:

Hyundai Robex R55-9: Key Features

Superb engine technology 

Powerful, reliable, quiet, clean, and efficient. These are the words that best describe the Robex R55-9’s 4TNV98 engine. This electronically controlled engine is Tier 3a certified, offering not only superb mechanical energy, but reduces the harmful effects of C02 emissions in the process.

Phenomenal control system

The Robex R55-9’s control system is specifically developed to boost operator comfort and productivity. You can easily control this heavy equipment in virtually any working environment or condition. It comes with an advanced LED-cluster that allows you to select machine preferences that will complement your work style and personality.

Top notch precision and performance

The Hyundai guys know that operators these days expect their machines to run and respond smoothly. The Robex R55-9’s state-of-the-art hydraulic system makes it smooth and easy to control, while the wider view available from the cabin ensures that safety and comfort are maintained.

Improved durability

Past excavator models are built to last, and it is safe to say that this one took this concept to a whole new level. It comes with a 9 series cabin structure that is specifically designed to provide slimmer yet stronger tubing for improved safety and visibility. Plus, high strength and low-stress steel are welded to achieve a stable and stronger lower frame. Last but not least, it comes with counterweight side protection to give lasting protection to the engine hood.

Extended component life

The 2015 model has adopted long-life hydraulic coils (5,000 hours) and hydraulic filters (1,000 hours), which leads to reduced operational and maintenance costs. It also comes equipped with extended ultra-weight polymer shim and long-life hydraulic oil. It’s more sophisticated and efficient cooling systems reduce downtime, increasing productivity.

Spacious cabin

The cabin is spacious and is ergonomically designed to reduce noise levels and improve visibility. This well-balanced cabin can help you work safely and comfortably.

Hyundai Robex R55-9: The Verdict

What can I say? The Hyundai Robex R55-9 is a revelation. It is safe to say that it can give the big name brands a run for their money when it comes to overall performance, durability, and usability. Nonetheless, it may take some time for Hyundai to compete for head to head with their Australian, American, and European counterparts. Take note, even though the R55-9 boasts a superb engine, phenomenal control system, and spacious cabin, their more established counterparts have pretty much perfected these aspects. Considering the competition they face from their major opponents, I give take my hat off to the folks at Hyundai, who have done a terrific job on the R55-9.

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