• February 6, 2016

Review: 2015 Kubota Z122R Zero-Turn Ride On Mower

Review: 2015 Kubota Z122R Zero-Turn Ride On Mower

A Zero-Turn Ride On Mower is a valuable addition to the toolkit of any landscaper, slasher or farm owner, with the machine’s ability to closely trim tight areas with speed and precision meaning an even cut, no matter the terrain.

2015 Kubota Z122R Ride On Mower: The Introduction

Zero-turn Ride Ons have become the mower of choice for landscapers and lawn owners by no accident. These mowers offer better maneuverability than their rigid counterparts, allowing the machine to work perfectly in small spaces and around trees, shrubs, and flower beds where spinning and turning in one place is required. The efficiency of these mowers is implied, removing the incessant thirty point turns or concrete scraping that burdens traditional ride ons. The versatility of a Zero-Turn Ride On can also extend to a residential lawn where the mower can minimize cutting time as well as remove the strains of manual labor.

With a wide array of mowers being pitched to the Australian market, it may become confusing finding the model that matches the needs of your project. Where the problem is one of choice, the 2015 Kubota Z122R might be the solution. Coming from one of the most influential machinery companies to reach Australian shores, the Z122R promises to blur the division between commercial mowers and private ride ons, but how do its features compare to its price tag?

2015 Kubota Z122R Ride On Mower: Key Features

Powerful engine and transmission

The engine is one of the most significant parts of any mower, being the heart of the machine and the source of its power. For the Kubota Z122R, it is a V-Twin Kawasaki FR engine, reaching 21.5hp, that runs the ride on. This means that it’s strong enough to complete any mowing task put before it, whether it’s a steep hill or a narrow gully. The mower is also equipped with a low-maintenance Hydro-Gear ZT-2200 transmission, which provides the entire machine with power and efficiency.

Superb cutting performance

When choosing the mower best suited for your needs, always consider the equipment’s scissors. The Z122R carries a 42″ deck with two cutting blades that guarantee a smooth cut. There are also dual operation levers to give the user precise trimming control over flowerbeds and around fixed objects, as well as three anti-sculpting deck wheels that hold the deck even above the ground. This allows for smooth and even cutting power when traversing bumpy surfaces.

Easy to operate

First time operators won’t have a hard time with the Z122R mower. Its controls and indicators are designed to maximize the machine’s ergonomics and accessibility. The cutting height can be adjusted with just a few twists of a dial and thanks to an innovative feature called the K-Lift, operators can raise and lower the deck by applying pressure to a special pedal (equals no bent backs).

Guaranteed operator comfort and safety

The 2015 Kubota Z122R makes it clear that the operator should feel as if they’re gliding across the lawn on a Lazyboy. The soft, high back seat can slide 4″ back and forth, allowing you to find the seating position that suits you. Kubota has given the nod to King Solomon, being as kind as possible to those who choose to take a seat in the Z122R’s throne (must be a running theme they’ve got going).

“Kindness and faithfulness keep a king safe. Through Kindness his throne is made secure”King Solomon

There’s also wide legroom up front, four storage boxes for your tools (or some important snacks) and drink holders to provide an unmatched comfort even on the longest of mowing jobs.

Not forgoing safety features, the 2015 Kubota Z122R zero-turn ride on is equipped with LED headlights, a seatbelt, and a full-height Rollover Protective Structures (ROPS).

2015 Kubota Z122R Ride On Mower: Price

New: $5,750 AUD

2015 Kubota Z122R Ride On Mower: Videos

2015 Kubota Z122R Ride On Mower: The Verdict

The 2015 Kubota Z122R zero-turn ride on mower does not make sacrifices in comfort or accessibility when building its cutting performance and power. It’s a good fit for both residential lawns where a tight turning radius may be required, or larger fields where the duration of the mow may extend to a couple of hours. Caution should be had when using the machine on hills or steep terrains, as the tight turning may present dangers for anyone unfamiliar with this style of mower. But for it’s price, the Z122R is a high-performing ride on mower that can deliver a precise and professional cut from a cab that gives back.

Trying to justify that price tag? Just think, the time the Z122R saves you on the lawn is time it gives you in the boat.

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