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Despite being one of the most overlooked pieces of machinery in the marketplace, ride on mowers are easily one of the funnest to operate with most handling like go-karts on steroids. For the Kubota F3680 diesel mower, are done fast, fun and efficiently. So sit back, crack a stubby and let us help you decide whether this Kubota mower might be the one for you.

Kubota F3680: Key Features

Simple maintenance

A member of Kubota’s highly sought after F-Series, the F3680 mower’s design has been continuously developed and improved for fast and simple landscaping. From its quick-release engine cover to the 90-degree tilt mower deck, the Kubota has kept in mind the necessity for minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Increased lifting capacity

The Kubota F3680 has also been modified to raise its lifting capacity to allow the mower to handle heavier attachments such as s grass catchers, debris blowers and utility blades. This feature, gives the F3680 the edge against others when it comes to versatility and durability.

Auto-Assist 4WD

The F3680’s balanced 4WD design, well crafted exterior and ‘Auto-Assist’ system give you that enhanced maneuverability, efficiency and less wear and tear on the turf you’d want from any mowers. This powerful ride on mower is no Muppet when it hits the field.

Improved fuel tank capacity

Kubota F-Series

Image Credit: fine-turf.co.uk

Kubota’s F3680 features a large,  61 liter tank suited for longer operation time and will save you from constant refueling when working on most fields.


The Kubota F3680 packs punch with its 36HP/3000 rpm engine, making it faster and more efficient than its competitors.

Kubota’s F-Series mowers also boasts a high torque rise that promises a smoother ride and faster recovery under rapid loading. With the F3680 you can power through wet or tall grass without skipping a beat.

Comfortable design

Besides the strong improvements to performance and durability,  Kubota’s F-Series, is designed with a deluxe high-back seat which has adjustable lumbar support, back angle, weight control and arm rests, giving you a custom fit and supreme comfort.

What is more, the controls and levers located on the F3680 are strategically designed so that it can be easily accessed and identified.

Kubota F3680: Prices

USED: $15,500.00 – $17,000.00 AUD

Sounds like the perfect addition to your landscaping family? Find it here at the Machines4U marketplace.

Kubota F3680: Videos

Kubota F3680: The Verdict

Kubota’s F-Series ride on mower places a strong emphasis on efficiency, precision, and productivity.

Its much improved fuel economy, attachment compatibility, and durability makes it one of the most versatile mowers on the market.

The price range may come up a bit steep for some operators, but in terms of functionality and reliability, the F3680 will  more than make up for the price difference. It’s advanced features are not quite above current market standards, as this is an older model, but its comfortable seating and safety features are a timeless feature.

Overall, the Kubota F3680 is an excellent choice if you want to start strong in the landscaping and farming industry or if you want to push your business or passion to the next level.

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