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Review: 2016 JCB 4CX Backhoe Loader

Review: 2016 JCB 4CX Backhoe Loader

Backhoe loaders: it’s no secret that they are some of the most useful “all around” equipment on the market today, and everyone from construction workers to farmers uses them. For industry professionals the backhoe loader is counted on for some of the toughest and most important jobs, today we look at how the JCB 4CX does just that.

JCB 4CX: The introduction

The popularity of JCB’s 4CX Loader has drastically grown despite it being on the pricier end of the spectrum.


When it comes to excavating, trenching, and other earth-moving tasks, the 4CX operates easier, safer, and more hassle-free than most of its competitors. This trend shows that industry professionals are willing to spend more for that quality they can rely on when it comes to a machine that is heavily depended on.

JCB 4CX: Key features

World-class workplace 

In a perfect world, the workplace is comfortable, relaxing, and everything in between.

Now, you may not achieve the perfect workplace with the 4CX, but it comes damn near close. In the 4CX, we can see that JCB’s design engineers have put a lot of effort into achieving maximum productivity and comfort, all while reducing the onset of fatigue along the way.

Unwavering durability 

Backhoe Loader Specs JCB 4CX
Image Credit: jcb.com

Durability is a little something the JCB is known for and that is not lacking in this model of their Backhoe loader.

During the manufacturing process, the materials that make up the 4CX are tested to the limit, exposing them to extreme heat, cold, chemicals. The 4CX is made to stand the test of time and can survive even the most hostile conditions. Strength, rigidity, productivity, and performance are a few words we can stick to this JCB loader.

State-of-the-art Hydraulics

The 4CX comes with JCB’s new and improved Powerslide feature that is made up of bigger and better equipped hydraulic ram systems that can produce power quickly and at the same time effortlessly reposition its excavator.

In addition to this, it comes with a combined bi-directional circuit and hammer that are specifically designed to deliver optimised high-flow, as well as low-flow, hydraulic power, allowing for more versatility.

Uncompromising drive-ability 

For the ultimate road and loading performance, the 4CX will not let you down.

It comes with JCB trademark gearboxes, as well as axles that have become synonymous with reliability and efficiency. The 4CX is tried and tested to ensure adaptability, productivity, responsiveness, road efficiency, and loading performance.

JCB 4CX: Price

P.O.A (Price On Application)

JCB 4CX: Videos

JCB 4CX: The verdict

The 4CX Backhoe Loader is the largest backhoe loader has ever been produced by JCB.

In addition to its size, it also backed by the company’s 60-plus years of experience, long history of customer satisfaction and fitted with JCB’s award-winning EcoMAX engine. On top of this, it also accommodates for high ground clearance that can tackle any kind of surface regardless of the weather.

So if you’re looking for a backhoe loader that can be a reliable, efficient and durable backbone of your business then look towards the 2016 JCB 4CX Loader as your first choice for investment.

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