• April 26, 2022
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The American Brand Simplifying CNC Control in Australia

The American Brand Simplifying CNC Control in Australia

Presented by 360 Automation

Manufacturing in Australia has been a hot topic since the COVID-19 pandemic began. With supply chain issues and lengthy shipping delays wreaking havoc on Aussie businesses and consumers, many are pushing for more localised manufacturing.

In order to bring manufacturing back to Australia, businesses are looking to invest in equipment like CNC machines. CNC refers to computer numerical control. Because these machines are controlled by a computer, they can achieve a level of efficiency and accuracy unmatched by a manual process. 

One business helping deliver efficient manufacturing on Australian soil is 360 Automation. 360 Automation has a range of partnerships benefitting the Aussie manufacturing industry, including their partnership with American CNC brand, Milltronics.

The downside to most CNC machines is the complex nature of their operation, but Milltronics is changing the game with a hassle-free approach to CNC.

360 Automation Partners with Milltronics

Marc Kneeshaw, Director at 360 Automation, believes Milltronics’ CNC control is one of the easiest to use in the industry.

“At 360 Automation, we’re excited to support the sales of Milltronics CNC machines throughout Australia and New Zealand. They [Milltronics] have a range of machines with a powerful and intuitive control,” says Marc.

Milltronics Difference: CNC Control

Milltronics 9000 CNC Control Hardware.
Milltronics 9000 CNC Control Hardware. Source: Supplied.

When it comes to CNC controls, the industry standard is G-code and M-code. These coded instructions are typically written by trained personnel or can be written by CAD/CAM software. 

Generally, CNC control is difficult for new operators to pick up as these are complex systems which require some training. The difference with Milltronics CNC control is in the flexibility and ease-of-use available. 

Easy Programming Options & Intuitive Systems

With the Milltronics 9000 control, you can choose either conversational programming, industry standard G&M code or use a CAD/CAM system. And, no matter which option you choose, the 9000 control gives you total flexibility to use the most efficient program for each aspect of your project. 

Not only that, but the 9000-DGI CNC control hardware offers on-screen help and intuitive menus to assist new operators in getting up to speed quickly. This streamlines processes and will ensure businesses reach ultimate efficiency in no time.

“These Milltronics control systems are packed with features that give operators confidence and allow for a quick transition to these CNC machines. This is great news for business owners as it will mean autonomy is reached sooner and there’s no time or money lost in a longer process,” says Marc.

9000-DGI Control Hardware Specs

The 9000-DGI series control offers state-of-the-art graphic performance, mid-travel tactile keys, an enlarged LCD and G-code visualisation screen. 


Intel® Core I5-3610ME

Instruction Set


Processor Base Frequency


Max Turbo Frequency


Data Storage 


System Memory Installed


GPU Core Speed 


Primary Operating System

Windows® Embedded 7

Real Time Extension

Intervalzero RTX


15” 1024 x 768 LED

If you’re after CNC control that is user friendly, check out the range of Milltronics machines available from 360 Automation here.

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