So you’ve found some time to sit down and send a marketing email, but… you don’t have a database.

Fret not! You don’t have to manually enter all the emails from your Outlook into a spreadsheet.

If you’ve been running your business for a while, you’re likely to have an email database already. Even if you haven’t sent any marketing emails before.


We’ll tell you. Check the following sources to gather your email database so you can get started on your email marketing campaigns.

Email Client

Let’s start with the one you probably already knew—your emails. If you use emails in your business, like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo7, etc., then you can simply export your contacts into a database.

Exporting from your email client is a fairly simple process and is the quickest way to fill up your database. But if you’re not using an email client of any form for your business, there are other places you can look for your email database.


If you use PayPal for transactions for your business, you have a database! When you collect customer emails and store them in your PayPal account, you have started creating your own database.

And it’s not just Business PayPal accounts, you can also export the database from your personal account (assuming you’ve been using it for the business). But be careful with the personal PayPal report, as you may have friends and relatives in there, so make sure you clean up the list before using it for Machinemail (as you should with any exported list).

Accounting Software

Finally, you have a database hiding in your accounting software.

Pretty much every business uses some form of accounting software and, in this software, you have a database! It’s simply a matter of getting this information, cleaning it and using it for your campaign.

Each accounting program has its own method for exporting contacts. But generally it’s simple to quickly export your customer contacts into an excel spreadsheet. In most cases, you can also customise the spreadsheet before you export it, making it easy to create segmented lists that suit your needs.

Please note: It is very important to clean your email lists and make sure you send marketing campaigns to those who are expecting to hear from you.

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