• December 10, 2018
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Steiger Dominates With World-First CVT Tractors

Steiger Dominates With World-First CVT Tractors

It’s been 60 years since the first Steiger tractor rolled out of the shed and into the paddock in Minnesota. And much has changed.

From their first tractor in 1957, Steiger set the benchmark for performance, power and reliability. And the brand continues to innovate and dominate the ag market via Case IH with the world-first articulated tractor with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

Pictured: Steiger Rowtrac 450. The Steiger of today is very different to its predecessors, but its reputation for power and performance remains the same. Source: Supplied.

Steiger are at the top end of the Case IH tractor range. This includes five models from 400 to 600 horsepower with Quadtrac® and Rowtrac four-tracked row crop systems. But the big news is they made history last year with their world-first CVT articulated tractors.

What is CVT Transmission?

Also known as ‘shiftless transmission’, CVT is an automatic transmission that uses pulleys instead of gears. So instead of changing the ratio in stages by shifting gears, the CVT continuously varies the ratio. This provides more flexibility for the operator as it allows them to control the input shaft and maintain constant speed. Read more about CVT transmission here.

What are the benefits of CVT Transmission?

There are a range of advantages to having an articulated tractor with CVT over other tranny types. These benefits include:

  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Minimised operator fatigue
  • Faster acceleration to field or road speed
  • Full power availability at low ground speeds for drilling & planting

“It all adds up to a tractor designed to ensure the most efficient operation at all times, in all conditions, regardless of the task or terrain. It has the capacity to reduce engine speed to the minimum required for the tractor’s workload, in order to maximise fuel efficiency,”

“We’re very proud the Steiger name endures after so many years and that it still stands for innovation, power, efficiency and reliability at the highest of levels. The Steiger will stand up to anything, and not only get the job done but exceed all expectations in the process.”

— Case IH Australia/New Zealand High Horsepower Product Manager Alyx Selsmeyer.

For more, visit www.caseih.com, or take a look at Case IH tractors for sale.

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