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Review: Strong Hand Tools TBH90604 FixturePoint Welding Table

Review: Strong Hand Tools TBH90604 FixturePoint Welding Table

Strong Hand Tools TBH90604: Introduction

Most metalworking workshops make do with an improvised welding platform or table, which, to be fair is not necessarily a bad thing. As long as it works well with the company’s day-to-day- operations and is safe for everyone in the workshop. However, it’s still in the best interest of operators to have an actual workbench that’s made for welding, especially when dealing with the bulk of the heavy-duty applications in the industry. After all, aside from bringing a more professional feel to your workplace, welding platforms can also help in ensuring consistency and improving the efficiency of your workshop and several other daily metrics.

Today, we’ll take a look at another well-received and affordable welding table in the market. Here’s our closer look at the Strong Hand Tools TBH90604 FixturePoint Welding Table.

Strong Hand Tools TBH90604: Key features

Versatile design

The Strong Hand Tools TBH90604 Welding Table comes with a more traditional workbench design that most are accustomed to. However, the clamps and components can be inserted into the FixturePoint’s 16 millimetre holes on the 900 x 600 millimetre tabletop for complete flexibility and compatibility in modular fixing. The feature gives the user an added leverage and more freedom to customise the workbench to match the operational demands of the business.

Safe and durable

The FixturePoint System is also ideal for the set-up of 2D frames. Meanwhile, you can use the FixturePoint Kits to get started right away, working comfortably, safely, and efficiently for improved work quality and productivity. The unit also features an all-powerful build and reinforced surface finish that protects the table from all kinds of elements in and out of the workplace. Furthermore, you can use as a free standing table or on top of your existing workbench with included legs and levelling feet.

Comprehensive warranty

The Strong Hand Tools TBH90604 comes with a comprehensive warranty plan provided by Strong Hand Tools and their dealers. That is of course if you even need it. The TBH90604 FixturePoint Welding Table also offers one of the most durable built in its class, featuring a design and set of components that are tested in accordance with international welding tool standards.

Strong Hand Tools TBH90604: Price

$429 AUD GST Inclusive

Strong Hand Tools TBH90604: Videos

No videos available.

Strong Hand Tools TBH90604: The Verdict

The Strong Hand Tools TBH90604 FixturePoint Welding Table is one of the most appealing welding workbenches in its class. The welding table boasts a high steel-grad construction that’s strictly based on both Australian and international standards The modular design of the table also allows the user to easily adjust the table in accordance with the workshop’s existing tasks and applications. So if you’re looking for an affordable and durable welding workbench for your business, then the FixturePoint TBH90604 might just be the right equipment for your welding workshop.

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