• July 5, 2022
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Tennant Company’s New Easy Way to Clean

Tennant Company’s New Easy Way to Clean

Presented by Tennant Company

Commercial floor cleaners, like walk-behind scrubber-dryers, are popular in the cleaning industry thanks to their ability to clean and dry floors effectively while manoeuvring around  obstacles with ease. The team at Tennant Company are making it even easier with a new market offering.

Tennant Company is committed to reinventing how the world cleans through their wide range of scrubbers, sweepers, vacuums, extractors and more. Their new competitively priced T291 and T391 walk-behind scrubber-dryers are helping transform the way the industry cleans small and medium sized spaces.

Tennant Company Marketing Specialist, Isabella Bersiga, believes these machines are a great addition to the ANZ Tennant commercial equipment range, and can make an impact on the cost to clean for customers across many applications.

“The new T291 and T391 are great additions to our walk-behind scrubber family, and they provide exceptional value. Our walk-behind scrubbers help our customers reduce the cost to clean and enhance the image of their facilities,” says Isabella.

Benefits of Walk-Behind Scrubbers

The main benefit of choosing to use a walk-behind scrubber is the increased productivity they provide, as well as enhancing the image and safety of your facility. Walk-behind scrubbers allow operators to clean more space than when using a mop and bucket method. This in turn reduces worker fatigue, since using the machine is less physically demanding than manual cleaning methods.

These scrubbers can also help reduce the cost to clean. Through increased productivity operators are able to cover a larger area in a shorter period of time, meaning more space is cleaned for a lower cost.

The T291 and T391 scrubbers work to offer flexibility and manoeuvrability in a range of applications. Here’s a closer look at the T291 and T391 scrubbers.

T291 Small Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer

T291 Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer. Source: Supplied.

The all new T291 is a small sized yet straight-forward walk-behind scrubber-dryer that effectively cleans even the smallest spaces. With an easy to use control panel and LCD display, operators can find their desired settings with ease. 

While this machine is small, it is big on value with features like simple no fuss start-up, self propulsion, easy hands-free spin-on and spin-off brush/pad and no-tool squeegee blade replacement, all with an easy preventative maintenance system. The T291 is ideal for hard to reach spaces found in hospitals, aged care, retail stores and schools.

T291 Control Panel. Source: Supplied.

T391 Mid-Size Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer

T391 Mid-Size Walk-Behind Scrubber-Dryer. Source: Supplied.

The new T391 is a mid-size walk-behind scrubber-dryer ideal for medium sized applications across retail, hospitals, aged care, universities and schools. This model features self-propulsion, a simple control dial and LCD display, as well as indicator lights that alert the operator when the solution tank level is running low.

With a wider scrub head and larger tank capacity, you’ll get a consistent clean for medium-sized spaces with this floor scrubber that can increase productivity by operating with dual disks.The mid size machine is easy to manoeuvre and also features an ECO mode, where you can reduce noise levels and water consumption.

The T391 is larger in size than its T291 counterpart, and has more cleaning productivity for larger spaces. While both are easy to manoeuvre, it’s best to consider what your desired outcome is before determining the best scrubber for your needs.

If you’re looking to reduce the cost to clean and enhance your facility’s image, get in touch with the team at Tennant Company. Visit their website for more information on the all new T291 and T391 walk-behind scrubbers.

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