If you want to make full use of your compact tractor, then having the right attachments is a must. There are many compact tractor implements out on the market at the moment, built specifically for all kinds of applications.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular compact tractor implements on Machines4U, and see what they can do.

In this article:

  1. Slashers
  2. Air seeders
  3. Round balers
  4. Spreaders
  5. Tractor grader blades
  6. Mulchers
  7. Hay balers
  8. Disc ploughs



The most popular implement on Machines4U, slashers and 3PL slashers, are in high demand. Slashers are one of the most essential attachments for any farm or acreage-property owner. They make quick work of unwanted growth, and are ideal for maintaining tidy fence lines, wall edges and roadsides. They are also great with maintaining fire breaks.

Slashers come in a range of sizes, generally starting at 4FT and scaling up to 6FT, though there are some smaller and larger models available as well. Brands like AGPRO and Farmtec provide a range of slashers that are compatible with compact tractors—especially models with a 3-point hitch.  

Air Seeder

air seeder

Following slashers, the next most popular compact tractor implement on Machines4U are air seeders. Available in a selection of sizes, air seeders make planting seeds a breeze.

A good air seeder will ensure you can plant any seed into your fields quickly and efficiently, and will cover a wider area in each pass compared to other seeders. Air seeders are generally larger than other seeders, which will be something you need to consider, but they’re also—generally—easier to hook up and use.

Turn your compact tractor into the ultimate seeding machine with one of these attached at the rear.

Some air seeders also come with optional attachments to make seeding even easier, including:

  • Fertilisers
  • Vegetable transplanters

Read more about our top 10 seeding equipment brands.

Round Balers

Round Baler

Next, we move onto the 3rd most popular implement, round balers. Because round balers have so many listings, we’re classing them separately from other hay balers.

Case IH, John Deere, Lely Welger and New Holland—along with other major names in ag—all manufacture these balers that make baling quick and efficient. It’s important to make sure you get the right round baler for your compact tractor. Round balers come in different sizes, and smaller tractors may not be able to utilise a larger round baler to its fullest potential. Discuss with your dealer/seller to ensure the baler is compatible with your tractor.

As you may have guessed, round balers bale hay in a round/cylinder shape, making it easy to transport and move around your property. The size of your bales will vary depending on your baler, but round hay bales will generally be lighter than square ones, meaning your compact tractor is going to have an easier time moving them compared to square bales which can be as much as double the weight of round bales. Another benefit of round hay bales is that water can’t seep through and ruin the hay as easily as a square bale, making them fine to leave outside in the paddock overnight.

Round balers are far and away the most popular on the market, and are a great choice for any farmers or acreage owners who are looking to bale hay, as round balers are—in general—significantly cheaper than square balers, and can usually be operated with a smaller, more affordable compact tractor as well.


3PL Spreader

No one wants to spend countless hours tediously spreading fertiliser or manure over crops, which is probably why 3PL spreaders are so popular on Machines4U! Well-made spreaders allow quick, simple spreading of a range of common products, including:

  • Fertiliser
  • Manure
  • Seeds

The most common use for this tractor implement is spreading fertiliser, but many models are able to spread a variety of seeds as well. While many spreaders (especially 3PL models) require a 3-point hitch to operate, you can also get spreaders that can be towed by a quad bike or ATV, so check out your local dealer if they have a model suited to your compact tractor. Or, you can find affordable new and used 3PL spreaders here.

Tractor Grader Blades

tractor grader blades

How about turning your everyday tractor into a grader? Moving away from some of the more traditional compact tractor implements, we take a look at another popular attachment, tractor grader blades. Grader blades have a variety of uses on farms and acreage properties. Common usages include:

  • Clearing fire breaks
  • Making tracks/roads
  • Levelling driveways
  • Creating garden beds
  • Clearing scrub

Grader blades come in light, medium and heavy-duty. Picking the right model will depend on the type of work you’re doing. 3PL grader blades have the added benefit of increased control over angle and tilt, giving you more flexibility in day-to-day use.


3PL Mulcher

When it comes to recycling crop and pasture stubble, not much can beat a 3PL mulcher. A common compact tractor implement for farmers and civil works, mulchers cut down excess growth and spread it evenly as you drive.

Most mulchers on the market are generic and work in a broad range of applications. However, there are models available for specific purposes, like sweet potato fields, roadsides and vineyards.

Just make sure that the 3PL mulcher you choose is able to mulch the product you have.

Hay Balers


Unsurprisingly, hay balers are a common and popular compact tractor implement.

In this case, we’re classing any hay baler that isn’t a ‘round baler’ in this group. This is primarily square balers, but includes bale wrappers, feed mixers and bale wagons.

Square balers create far more stackable hay than round hay bales, letting you stack more hay onto your trailer, truck or bale wagon. Square hay bales are also—generally—heavier and more compact than round bales. This will mean you’ll need a more powerful compact tractor and other machinery to use the attachment to its fullest potential.

If you’re looking to sell hay bales or can’t find an affordable contractor to do your baling, these can be a great choice.

As with all compact tractor implements, make sure your tractor and baler are compatible before making your purchasing decision.

Disc Ploughs

disc plough

The final compact tractor implement is the disc plough. These are convenient attachments that quickly and easily plough fields with a fixed space between discs. Allowing for more precise and measured results than a single plough may offer.

Of course, they are much more versatile than just for ploughing fields, and can even be used in other day-to-day tasks, like clearing fire breaks as well.

Compact Tractor Implements Summary

There are plenty of compact tractor implements available on the market, and we definitely haven’t covered them all. If there’s a task you need to do, then there’s an attachment or implement that can do it for you. Still unsure? Check out our complete guide to tractor attachments.

If you’re not sure where to start, why not browse through new and used tractor implements to see some of the most popular makes and models available. Or try your luck at a farm machinery auction.


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