Toro Australia delivers with their all-new Outcross® 9060, which combines the function of a compact tractor with a super-duty utility vehicle to provide increased efficiency of any turf maintenance operation. The innovative design is turf-friendly and the first of its kind, purpose-built for managing fine turf.

Brian Goodridge, Toro Australia’s Equipment Product Manager, says the new Outcross will make turf managers’ jobs that much easier. “The Outcross 9060 is designed to allow superintendents and turf managers to do more with less stress, less labour, fewer resources and less time. This machine is a time-saving, easy-to-use, multi-purpose, turf-friendly workhorse that will bring you year-round flexibility, consistency and productivity.”

Outcross 9060 with arm attachment

Pictured: Toro Outcross® 9060. Source:

The Outcross 9060 uses four-wheel steering and better chassis balance to keep from churning and digging up fine turfed areas. Reduced tread movement and a lighter “step” means less scuffing and turf damage, making Toro’s newest turf workhorse perfect for golf courses and sporting fields.

Toro Outcross In Action

What’s special about this utility vehicle is its customer-centric design, built for superintendents and turf managers.

“From the very beginning of the development of the new Outcross 9060, Toro focused on what matters most to superintendents and turf managers, which all centers around doing more with less,” said Goodridge. “This includes simplifying operation, optimising power and uptime, and integrating dozens of attachments to perform virtually hundreds of tasks, all while focusing on being extremely turf-friendly.”

Features Of The New Outcross 9060

This new Toro Outcross has a number of notable features, including:

  • Room for 2
  • 3-point hitch
  • Gentle on turf
  • Intuitive controls
  • Pre-program attachment parameters

“Users can keep busy year-round by utilising the Outcross’s 3-point hitch, drawbar, or front loader. Mow grass, spread fertiliser, load sand, haul a pallet of sod, aerate, top dress, spread seed, tow a trailer and much, much more,” says Goodridge.

There’s also the option to add a climate-controlled cab to protect the operator and enhance usability in all weather conditions.

Outcross Specs

Here are some of the specs for the new Outcross machine:

Engine 59 HP Yanmar® liquid-cooled diesel engine
Weight 2,340 kg
Large Cargo Bed (optional) 2,041 kg
Maximum Speed 33.8 kph
Towing Capacity 7,257 kg
Turning Radius Inside: 145cm, Outside: 381cm

It seems the Outcross is as powerful as it is versatile. Great news for turf managers or anyone looking for a lightweight tractor that’s gentle on their lawns, while maintaining versatility to complete a range of jobs. For full specs view the Outcross 9060 brochure.

Take a look at Toro Australia machinery for sale here, or find out more about their new Outcross 9060 by reading the original press release.


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