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Review: UniMig 180 Portable MIG Welder

Review: UniMig 180 Portable MIG Welder

UniMig 180: The Introduction

The history of welding runs way back several millennials. In fact, if we base it on ancient Greek historians, it was around the 5th Century when welding was allegedly “single-handedly invented” by someone named Glaucus. In essence, that breakthrough discovery remains very integral on how the metalworking industry is being shaped today. Just imagine what it would’ve been like if we never had the knowledge of adjoining metals using the process of welding—everything else in the metalworking and construction industry would’ve been so much more “grinding” and plainly complicated. Nevertheless, the continuous development of the technology have certainly pushed the boundaries for the current wielding equipment we have today. So in our latest review, we’ll take a closer look at one of the fresh and compact welder in today’s market, the UniMig 180 Portable MIG Welder.

UniMig 180: Key Features

Simple controls

In general, the welding equipment doesn’t really have that much objective besides efficiently doing its natural task of combining a few pieces of metals and creating a masterful final product. So ideally, the controls shouldn’t have really been that complicated. This happens to be true with the UniMig 180, which is designed ergonomically to make sure that the controls are very easy to distinguish and access for the operator’s optimum comfort.

Safe operation

Welding is a pretty challenging task, it requires utmost precision and focus on every turn. Fortunately, UniMig 180 is not only optimized to increase the welder’s productivity, the equipment is also carefully structured to ensure that the operator can work with ease and peace of mind against unfortunate incidents or indirect side-effects of the welding machine and the process itself.

Spool-gun ready

The UniMig 180 single phase MIG welder features a clever and newly designed ready function Spool-gun hub that makes way for a convenient integration of an optional SPG135 Spool-gun for complementing thin or softer wires that don’t have the column strength needed in order to feed through standard MIG torches, such as aluminium wire.

Operational flexibility

One thing that I really found interesting and impressive with the compact Un-Mig 180 is its innovative ability to MIG weld with both gas shielded and gas less wire set-up. In addition, the 6-step easy adjustment of voltage and smooth regulation of the wire feed speed makes for convenient setting of welding parameters giving good quality welding results.

Compact design

The UniMig 180 Portable MIG Welder’s small, but simple design makes it one of the most portable single-phase that is readily available in the market. Alternatively, the equipment can be incorporated to an additional trolley which eases some of the burden on the operator and allows more maneuverability inside the workshop.

Durable build

The UniMig 180 is devised for non-commercial and DIY welding needs, but despite the compact build, the welding equipment boasts as solid build that lets you commence with your tasks with ease while minimising risks of injuries and accidents. In addition, the portable single-phase welder is tagged with an extensive 2-year warranty for superior protection and support for your equipment.

UniMig 180: Price

NEW: $500.00 – $550.00

UniMig 180: Videos

UniMig 180: The Verdict

Summing up, the UniMig 180 Single-phase Portable MIG Welder takes my vote for its simple and durable design that doesn’t compromise performance and efficiency. The equipment looks very comfortable in its price range and should be be worth a strong consideration when picking your new or additional welder in the workplace. Furthermore, the UniMig 180 penchant to be readily functional for both gas shielded and gas less wire set-up adds up to the machine’s already versatile repertoire. Overall, the UniMig 180 looks and feels really impressive for a compact welder and its modest price range for its smooth operational excellence makes it more attractive than some of its competitors.

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