• July 3, 2017
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Why Use Hydraulic Tools?

Why Use Hydraulic Tools?

Doug Mason of Airplant Services spoke with the Machines4u team at the recent Diesel Dirt & Turf expo and highlighted the merits of hydraulic machinery and their largely European-imported range.

As Doug explained to M4U at the May expo, their hydraulic machines are:

“Very low cost to run, very low cost to service, and it’s roughly about a third of the cost of an air compressor of equivalent size. What you can do is buy three of these for [the cost of] one air compressor, then you’ve got portability with all the hydraulic tools.”

Hydraulic machinery presents a range of benefits for users, including the following:

  • Performance

Compressed oil is much better at transferring energy than air, which makes hydraulic tools much more powerful than air-compressed tools.

  • Versatility

Hydraulic tools can operate effectively in sub-zero temperatures without freezing up, and are also inherently lighter and more portable than other tools. Furthermore, many hydraulic tools can be used in wet weather and even underwater.

  • Cost savings

Hydraulic tools are designed to last longer, and due to their self-lubricating internal parts, require less regular maintenance. Their smaller engines are also very fuel efficient, and hence they are much cheaper to maintain and to operate.

  • Safety and environment

Hydraulic tools don’t emit any nasties such as carbon monoxide, dust or gas which makes them safe for the user and much better for the environment. There are a number of biodegradable oils for hydraulic machinery available on the market, which means less hazardous waste materials are expelled. They’re often also lighter to use, and make a lot less racket than other gas-powered or pneumatic tools, which makes them easier to use for extended periods of time.

While pneumatic tools still hold their own in terms of cylinder movement speed and ability to quickly change direction, there is no denying the versatility, efficiency and convenience of hydraulic tools.


Airplant Services deal mainly with the civil construction industry, supplying hydraulic power packs and tools, as well as a vast range of other equipment. Servicing much of the New South Wales and Queensland market, Doug and his team have seen growing demand for the reliability and versatility of hydraulic tools. For more information on the Airplant range, see their website, www.airplantservices.com.au.

Why Use Hydraulic Tools?
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Why Use Hydraulic Tools?
Doug and his team at Airplant Services have seen growing demand for the reliability, efficiency and versatility of hydraulic tools.
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