Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what trade you want to get into. There are so many options out there—how do you know which one might be a good fit for you? We’re going to answer a few questions about the welding industry and work out if it’s worth pursuing a career here in Australia.

Is it an easy career to get into?

Like most careers, qualifications aren’t everything. You could have every qualification under the sun and still struggle to find work. It might be a case of who you know, not what you know. That being said, there IS a demand for welders here in Australia. Welding is a specialised skill and so positions in the industry continue to be in high demand. Research shows that more than 80% of the students of Welding Engineering actually receive job offers BEFORE they even graduate. You can’t say that about many degrees can you?!

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Will I learn transferable skills?

Yes. Welding is a great trade and what comes with it is a list of adaptable skills. If you decide to change your profession the skills you’ll learn during your time as a welder will aid you massively. There are so many different sectors you can get into by having experience in welding. Some of these are the oil industry, underwater welding, laser welding, essentially any construction or building work. Not only will the work environment aid you in future vocations, but you will learn to use a variety of different machinery and tools. Some people argue that welding is an old fashioned trade, but research would suggest otherwise. At the end of the day, people are ALWAYS going to need welders. As it stands,  boilermakers are above average job growth! If you stay in the profession long enough there is no reason why your rate of pay won’t double (Sounds good right?!)

How much does it pay?

Obviously, this depends on your skills and experience. Somebody new to the industry isn’t going to get an entry level job and be on the same wage as a guy with 20 years+ experience. Money comes with time. In Australia, the starting salary is around $25.07 an hour which is pretty good when you’re putting the hours in. In contrast, senior welders will get much more so if you’re in it for the long haul it will pay off eventually!

Is it a hard job?

Yes. The welding industry involves extremely hard labour working with iron and steel. There is a reason why welding is a highly sought-after skill set. It definitely isn’t easy, but it can be extremely enjoyable at the same time! Welders need to be on top form 100% of the time. Safety is key and the protection of the eyes and skin are a must.

You’ll need to be prepared to learn lots about safety in the industry too. You need to wear the right equipment and be aware of the dangers that come with the job. But the thrill factor is why some people love it!

So, it is worth it?

Yes. A welder with a solid foundation can always find work. That’s why it’s such a good career path to go down. Welding offers more advancement opportunities than any other career path. Not forgetting, do you realise how much you can travel if you’re an experienced welder?! If you do struggle to find work locally, you can always move on elsewhere, and you’ll find work no problem.

Is Welding A Good Career Option in Australia?
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Is Welding A Good Career Option in Australia?
There are so many trades out there, how do you know which one isn't wasting your time? We're going to answer a few questions about the welding industry and work out if it's worth pursuing a career here in Australia.
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