Makita is a household name (‘Give me my Makita back, Mack!) and leader in the innovation of cordless power tools. The company’s latest advance in circular saws has got tradie’s minds whirring, as these tools become smarter still.

Cordless power tools have come a long way over the decades, and now present a real alternative to traditional, cumbersome corded tools. In the beginning, the convenience of cordless tools meant sacrifices in power and ability, as well as the risk of dead batteries which render them useless (until the next charge, that is). Nowadays, Makita and their contemporaries are offering batteries with longer life, which are powerful enough to deliver the performance tradespeople demand.

Not content to leave it at that, Makita has developed software which allows its power tool components to chat to each other. The ‘Star Protection Computer Controls’ technology monitors several previously battery-killing issues and communicates this information in real-time between battery and tool. This clever software can detect over-heating, battery discharge levels and general overload to the tool. Once the software picks up any of these potential issues, it will cut power and shut down the device before any damage can be done. Neat, right?

Marked by a star on the interchangeable battery, the tools equipped with this protection software are easily identifiable. In a world first, this technology (previously available on their drills) is now compatible with their rear handle circular saws. That’s sure to have tradies with a toolbox full of Makita’s mix n’ match batteries jump for joy.

This nifty little revolution is sure to change the shape of the circular saw-ing landscape. High fives, Makita.


World First: A Circular Saw with A Computer...But What For?
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World First: A Circular Saw with A Computer...But What For?
Makita's latest advance in circular saws, with built-in computer software has got tradie's minds whirring, as these tools get smarter still.
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