Meet the world’s first battery-powered rammer. It promises all the power and efficiency of traditional petrol powered options and will even save you cash in the long run. Currently, Wacker Neuson is the first and only distributor of battery-powered rammers and are considered the local market leaders in ramming and compacting equipment.

The Wacker Neuson team have designed their battery rammer (the AS50E) to ensure easy, efficient and emission-free work. The AS50E has a 55% lower operating cost compared to gasoline rammers, all with the same performance and power, offering a 41kg and 70kg operating weight rammer. Using an easily detachable battery pack, this electric rammer has no cables and is used with a ‘push-to-start’ button. Its battery also has active cooling to protect from overheating and features a simple display, detailing remaining battery life. Wacker Neuson has since won multiple awards for their environmentally friendly rammer.

Industry pioneers Since 1848

The company name “Wacker Neuson” has been around 10 years (after a merger of Wacker and Neuson companies) and they’ve been supplying a high-quality range of products to the Australian market during that time—supplying anything from concreting equipment to 15-tonne excavators products nation-wide. However, their history tracks back well before that (originating in 1848!). Not only are they a pioneer with their battery-powered ramming gear, but also a true pioneer in the whole gamut of ramming gear. In fact, the company filed their first patent for an electric rammer for soil compaction in 1930.

More than just rammers

Another unique piece of engineering from the Wacker Neuson Group is their Vertical Digging Systems. This system allows their excavators to be tilted upon a slope or bank anywhere up to 15 degrees.

The excavators are still able to be brought up to a vertical position for operator’s comfort, all whilst digging vertically and not requiring re-adjustment. Another great innovation from the Wacker Neuson Group, this Vertical Digging System is compact and the most manoeuvrable excavators on the market. Currently, they are available in any size between the 1.8 tonne and 6-tonne machines.

More on the horizon?

The Wacker Neuson Group can be found across industries with machines for the landscaping, construction, municipals and processing sectors to name a few.

In the company’s latest news, they have just planned to open another large-scale factory in Shanghai, China. And with their battery-powered rammer a leap ahead in efficiency, in comparison to traditional gasoline engine alternatives, we can’t wait to see the next innovation from the Wacker Neuson Group.

World First: Waker Neuson's Battery Powered Rammer
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World First: Waker Neuson's Battery Powered Rammer
Meet the world’s first battery-powered rammer, it promises all the power and efficiency of your petrol powered one and will even put money in your pocket.
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