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Review: 2014 Caterpillar D7E Mid-Sized Bulldozer

Review: 2014 Caterpillar D7E Mid-Sized Bulldozer

Advertised as the first electric and diesel dozer—the Caterpillar D7E is a mid-sized bulldozer that introduces revolutionary electric drive systems into earth moving.

In this review we look how Caterpillar’s vision aims to change the way we think about bulldozers.

Caterpillar D7E: The Introduction

In an interview with CAT’s Senior Project Engineer, Keith Heiar,  the D7E is not considered as a hybrid vehicle.

“We consider this a diesel-electric hybrid power-train, but we’re not labeling it with the ‘hybrid’ word on the side of the machine

The D7E Dozer doesn’t have an auxiliary battery to store electric power so we can’t put it into specifics that it’s part of the hybrid line”.

After all that they don’t want to call it a hybrid? You’re probably whats the benefit of Caterpillars Electric Drive systems. We explain more in the section below.

Caterpillar D7E: Key Features

A Powerful Earth-Mover

Equipped with a 9.3-liter, 6-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, the D7E has an average range of 235 horsepower and torque of 719 pound-feet. Perfect for any job, this diesel/electric fusion doesn’t remove any power you’d find in Caterpillars competitors.

The CAT D7E is also equipped with differential steering, combining with the electric drive. This enhanced maneuverability lets you perform uninterrupted power turns and both load and “locked-track” pivot turns.

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Noise-less Engine and Comfortable Cabin 

Image Credit: scene7.com

The engine runs smoothly, stead and gives more comfort to drivers.

With the D7E CAT have said in this machine they have lowered noice outputs by about 50 percent, largely due to that electric drive system we mentioned earlier.

Designed with a spacious cab, the D7E has a center-post design that gives operators all around visibility offering more safety and confidence during operation. In-dash monitors installed into the machine work in real time and conveniently provides working information to operators.

Efficient Gas Consumption

The electric drive system delivers improved productivity and fuel efficiency- moving upto 35% more material, p/liter of fuel. This will have you moving 10 % more material p/hour.

Another advantage of their electric drive system comes in the fact that simply having fewer moving parts and requiring less fuel and fluid, means less service intervals for you and lower costs.

Caterpillar D7E: Videos

Caterpillar D7E: The Verdict

The Caterpillar D7E Bulldozer takes a bold new step into machine design by incorporating electric drive systems that and can be that key factor in pushing the D7E past any competitor. It improves everything you’d want from a dozer and lessens all the bad stuff like emissions, costs and danger.

It’s without a doubt that CAT have set a new bar in terms of expectations when it comes to bulldozers and is a great choice for any industry professional in the market for a bulldozer.

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2014 Caterpillar D7E Mid-Sized Bulldozer

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