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This Revolutionary Trailer System Has Got Everyone Excited. Here’s Why.

This Revolutionary Trailer System Has Got Everyone Excited. Here’s Why.

A leap forward in efficiency and safety in comparison to any of its counterparts, the EziLoader will be the latest innovation in trailers and attachments to hit the market. We ran into Ron Mileham, Director of EziLoader, at Austech this year and had the chance to ask him a few questions about his revolutionary product.

Formerly working for 25 years, as the owner of a successful material handling supplies business, Ron explains that the idea for his trailer came about through experience. Particularly in the issues he faced when having to take products to customers that were low to the ground.

“All trailers have their limitations depending what you need to use them for… If you have a 20mm clearance walkie stacker, how do you get it up onto a trailer, demonstrate it to a client and get it back on the trailer? The idea is, if you have a low-level loading trailer (especially if you have one at ground level like the EziLoader) that it’s easy to do.”

How It Works

In comparison to any other trailer on the market, it’s easy to argue that the EziLoader is truly in a league of its own.

Currently in its prototype stage, the EziLoader has a one-tonne carry weight and is built with a 1.5 x 3 metre tray. However, where it really stands out is in its ingenious engineering and intuitive controls…

Here are five of the EziLoader’s best features:

  • An electro-hydraulic power pack (to raise and lower the inner tub)
  • Heavy duty battery and an electronic controller.
  • Two solar panels (mounted on the console) with the ability to raise and lower the deck up to 40 times in one day.
  • Tandem stub axles, linked together with heavy duty springs that act as a ‘stump jump’ independent suspension
  • Interlock sensors showing that the locking pins are either open or closed, plus tailgate sensors and other safety equipment including a strobe light and lift/lower alarm is built in. (SOURCE)

Utilising an elevating inner tub, the EziLoader is also much safer for material handling work and ensures items are loaded and unloaded safely.

“Safety is paramount. We were told by a hire company executive that they wince whenever they see someone loading a trailer using ramps. Simply because the potential for injury to people or equipment, and their insurance is quite high to cover that. So, if you’re loading at ground level, you don’t have to worry about loading or unloading with inexperienced people.”

Practical Uses

When starting any new business venture, especially with one that takes the time and investment to create a product from scratch, how consumers react to your product can tell you whether it’s a hit or miss. For Ron, showcasing the EziLoader at this year’s Farm World Expo proved to be worthwhile.

“During 4 days at Farm World we learnt an awful lot about what the rural sector could do with a low loading trailer…”

“One fellow has just become an importer for Toyota Mobile Scissor Lifts and they require a 30mm clearance. He told me they have to employ a tilt tray, which is expensive and doesn’t always come on time. So now he can use the EziLoader to deliver to the customer himself…”

“Another person drove onto the trailer. He was a full quadriplegic and he had a prone wheelchair and asked to be taken up. His advice was that we should contact Werribee Plains Zoo because they have no facilities, like this, that can that can load and unload wheelchairs and take them sightseeing around the zoo.”

Ron is currently offering demonstrations for anyone interested in the trailer and is discussing custom designs to suit any client’s needs.

For instance, a recent demonstration at a plant nursery required the EziLoader to be for off road use only and 1800mm wide x 5500mm long, with a weight capacity of 2.2 tonnes.

The EziLoader has only been exposed to the market for a relatively short time now. Yet, Ron has said the sheer amount of applications being suggested to him by various industry groups is ongoing and is opening more possibilities for his products potential.

Fast Results Using Machines4U

Another business venture to prove successful for Ron was listing the EziLoader on the Machines4U Marketplace. Within 24 hours of posting his ad, he got a strong lead and best of all it was free for him to do.

“We got information on the net that you can try [the Machines4U] service for free. Out of interest, I put the EziLoader on the website and the very next day we had an enquiry from a potential prospect in Queensland.

We’re progressing that and I was pleased the reaction was so quick, it justified our decision to put the machine on Machines4U.”

As we said earlier the EziLoader is still in its prototyping stage, though Ron has said he’s aiming to have a unit ready in three months.

“We’re looking to manufacture in Bayswater, using Australian steel and know-how, to get to a point where the trailer can be at maximum size, where it’s as long as it needs to be and be able to carry two tonnes.”

“The point is, the fabricator has to determine how to make this at the least possible cost so we can get it out to market at a reasonable price.”

With the product already gaining a swarm of attention within the market, one might be safe to expect the EziLoader to be a sure-fire hit once officially launched. Through its simplicity and versatility, Ron and his team have developed an attachment that has solved a long-term problem facing most traditional trailers we see today, Safety and efficiency. And as Ron told us, they’re ‘pleased and excited about the future ahead’.

“We’re at is the start of something interesting, new and exciting in terms of this trailer concept and I think there’s a lot more we can find out about how this trailer can be used.”

This Revolutionary Trailer System Has Got Everyone Excited. Here's Why.
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This Revolutionary Trailer System Has Got Everyone Excited. Here's Why.
A leap forward in efficiency and safety in comparison to any of its counterparts, the EziLoader is the latest innovation in trailers and attachments...
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