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With the expansion and development of access equipment offering increased opportunity globally to a myriad of industries, the HTH range from Magni, represents generation-leading standards in design, safety, and productivity.

With growth rates of close to six per cent in the telehandler market worldwide, Magni’s HTH stable of technically advanced, operator friendly heavy machinery is leading the push in the 10-45 tonne lift sector.

Among these, is the Magni 10.10.


Featuring a 10-tonne load capacity, lift height of 10 metres and a reach of over five metres, it affords a flexible ‘working envelope’ which can be easily fitted with a range of Magni attachments including winches, platforms, lifting jibs, buckets, fork positioners and side shifts.Regarded affectionately as the ‘baby’ of the HTH (Heavy Telescopic Handler) family, the 10.10 makes no compromises on quality or safety.

Power comes from a 136HP Deutz Turbo Diesel Intercooled engine, generating 500Nm of torque at 1400rpm, tilting rear axle, hydraulic servo-assisted multi-disc brakes and a drawbar pull of 88kN.

The Rexroth variable load-sensing hydrostatic transmission delivers full-time four-wheel drive, two-speed ranges in both forward and reverse, integrated crab mode and a maximum speed of 40km/hr.

The unit’s electronic safety system is also among the most technically advanced in its class while setting new benchmarks in driver comfort, strength, and safety.

With a FOPS-ROPS tested hermetic cab, large panoramic windshield offering unrestricted vision of loads (even when suspended), movable steering column plus central heating and air conditioning, the HTH 10.10 – like its bigger brothers – boasts unsurpassed levels of ‘standard’ equipment.

A user-friendly intuitive touch screen display (also functional through an automotive style joystick) controls the entire machine and allows the operator to monitor and maneuver the 10.10 seamlessly within safe operational limits.

Weighing just on 13,900kg, the unit has a 4.725mm turn radius, more than 39cm of ground clearance and is just 5.7m nose to tail.


Maximum lifting capacity: 10.000 kg
Maximum lifting height: 9,52 m
Maximum Reach: 5,05 m
Capacity at Max. Height: 7.000 Kg
Engine power: 145 – 156 hp / 108 -115 KW
Transmission: hydraulic
Number of speed: 2/2
Travel speed: 40 km / h
Hydraulic circuit: load sensing 132-350 (l / min – bar)
Lenght: 5.710 mm
Width: 2.540 mm
Height: 2.960 mm
Weight: 13.900 kg
Steering radius: 4.725 mm
Ground clearance: 375 mm
Drawbar pull: 88 kN




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