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If you’ve been working hard and playing less, we’re here to tell you, in the politest possible way, you’ve got your equation backwards. You should be playing hard and working less. And we have just the vehicle to help you do it.

Introducing: Mahindra’s 4WD XTVs

As the world’s top selling tractor brand, Mahindra already has some pretty solid bragging rights in the agricultural arena. However, it seems they’re not content to leave it at that. Working in tandem with giants of the UTV world, Intimidator Inc, Mahindra has created a range of side-by-side UTVs to rival the best in the market.

Being the unique little petals they are, Mahindra have ditched the U of UTV in favour of an X. They have six models in their XTV spectrum, each offering features, trays and cabin sizes specifically tailored to different needs. Our Machines4U directors were most interested in the Flex Hauler model. Looking at the electric cargo lift and aluminum drop-side tray, their heads were immediately filled with a swarm of awesome possibilities.

Favourite model selected, Steve and Luke determined to subject the Flex Hauler to the ultimate test, pushing it to its limits in a range of different environments. Read more about their mountain biking adventure here.

The lads had good reason to push the Flex Hauler as hard as they did. Apart from taking their own advice about playing harder and working less, they wanted to offer you the chance to win a brand new version of the exact same model.

Going off road with Mahindra’s Flex Hauler XTV

Woodworking with Mahindra’s Flex Hauler XTV

Enter here to win your very own Mahindra XTV Flex Hauler


Master of All Terrains: The 4x4 Mahindra XTV Flex Hauler
Article Name
Master of All Terrains: The 4x4 Mahindra XTV Flex Hauler
Machines4U directors, Steve and Luke, put the Mahindra 4x4 XTV Flex Hauler to the ultimate test in a range of different environments.
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