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If you’re tired of driving around in concentric circles, trying to cover every inch of your lawn and going mad in the process, you may be in need of a zero-turn mower. But where to start? There are so many brands, so many options, and not enough time—after all, you’re busy trying to get that dang lawn mown! Luckily for you—we’ve reviewed them all and compiled a list of the top 10!

Without the need to backtrack over your work because of the large turning radius of a traditional ride-on lawn mower, the zero-turn mower saves you time…and sanity. With an effectively zero-degree turning radius, you’re able to get that lawn mown quickly and effectively, leaving you to get on with your day. Traditionally reserved for professional contractors, these handy mowers are quickly becoming the domain of proud home owners and small business owners alike.

Before we get into it, if you’re after John Deere mowers and prices, we contacted the largest John Deere dealership in Australia and came up with the top 3 mower bestsellers and how much they cost. Go take a look!

Anyway, back to our top 10 Zero Turn mower brands. Which one is best for you? Let’s take a look at the results!


1. Husqvarna

With a great range of options, from consumer to professional and everything in between, Husqvarna is a leader in zero-turn mowers. Budgets range from $5,799AUD for a brand-new entry level machine, right up to the nearly $16,000 top-of-the-line model. There really is an option for everyone. Their mowers feature the popular individual hydraulic wheel-drive option that you’ll see in most z-turn mowers these days. Boasting vibration-protection and easy-access chassis, the Husqvarna range has comfort and ease-of-operation in mind, throughout their product line. Opt for their second entry-level machine, for only $5999, which boasts a wider 46″ deck and 23HP V-twin engine—at that price you’d be mad not to. Husqvarna mowers feature a standard 2-year domestic warranty, which can be upgraded to 5 years at participating dealers, with the purchase of genuine Husqvarna oil products. Not a bad idea to ensure your new machine keeps running as long as you do!

2. Kubota

The Japanese brand have been around since the 19th century. Seriously. You read that right. 19-year-old Gonshiro Kubota began casting metal back in 1890, and for the last 120+ years the brand has been building upon its reputation for ingenuity and reliability. With a staggering 12 options in their Z-series range, Kubota have really endeavoured to provide a z-turn mower to suit all of their clientele. Their entry-level pricing is a little higher, at $6000+, which will set you up with a 42″ deck (as with the Husqvarna Z242E) yet you’ll end up with a slightly more powerful 21.5HP V-twin Kawasaki engine. Kubota does boast a 4-year, 300 hour warranty on all of its machines, which is a factor worth considering.

3. John Deere

If nothing else, the signature John Deere green gives you reason enough to take a second look at their zero-turn mower range – its certainly a nice change from your standard red and orange, offered by other brands. John Deere have been revered as a reliable farm equipment manufacturer for generations, and for good reason. Their compact Z335E ZTrack mower features the standard 42″ deck and a 20HP V-twin engine, as well as a generous, wide foot panel. With the purchase of a John Deere entry-level, zero-turn mower, you not only do you get to set yourself apart with the eye-catching green and yellow design, you can save cash in the process! Starting from only $4,399 (special offer from John Deere), you can pick up a reliable, comfortable, compact machine for far less than many of its classmates. Not to be forgotten though, for those of you who are in need of a bigger machine—the top-of-the line residential version features a 24HP engine and 48″ deck—from around $10,750. As far as value for money goes, John Deere are kicking goals.

4. Walker

The walker range is a little different. Originally designed as a basic machine to run Walker discharge and mulching decks, their entry-level, non-collection mowers are designed to use a range of interchangeable decks. This means that you can cut with anything from a 36″ to 74″ decks on one of their compact, versatile machines. The engines start at 18HP on their residential models, and will set you back at least $9,990. The versatility of these machines, although costing a pretty penny, is what sets them apart. With superior hillside manoeuvrability and stability, these bright yellow beasts hold their own in the zero-turn mower game. Also available are a range of other accessories including suspension seat, dump kits, tyre sizes and roll-over protection kit.

5. Rover

Rover’s range of z-turns is minimal, and most definitely aimed at the residential, rather than commercial market. With three offerings in this space, they keep things simple. From only $4,199 you’ll get yourself a nifty little 20HP engine with 42″ deck—making this one of the most competitive brands in this category. You can snag yourself 4-wheeled steering and a bigger 22HP engine for only another $1000 or so—which is great value as far as we’re concerned!

6. Bad Boy

Bad Boy Mowers’ Australian website claims that their customer service is second to none, and that this sets them apart from other manufacturers. Through a network of Australian dealers, they provide overnight parts shipment, 24/7 online customer support and offer a 2-year warranty on all of their products. But when we are talking brass tacks, their machines speak for themselves. Solid construction throughout, these mowers are built for Australian conditions. From $6,495 for their entry-level MZ series, you’ll score yourself a 42″ deck, however it’s all running on only 19HP. The Briggs & Stratton engine (also used by Husqvarna in its 23HP incarnation) can be upgraded to the Kawasaki 22HP version, but that means spending more coin. While the Bad Boy machines are solid and comfortable, they’re slightly more expensive than their counterparts.

7. Bush Hog

Another brand name you’ve probably heard out and about the paddocks is Bush Hog. Their beefy Estate series model with 52″ deck and 20HP will set you back anything from $6,300 depending on your dealer. With roll-over protection as standard, its certainly punching higher than some of the other entry-level offerings from other brands.

8. Dixon

Another refreshing contender in the colours race is Dixon, boasting their trademark blue machines. With over 15 models in their arsenal, Dixon are offering a range of mowers to suit residential, commercial and intermediate users. Starting their lineup with the Speed ZTR30, Dixon have perhaps cornered the compact market with one of the smallest z-turns available. A punchy little 16.5HP engine is more than enough to power this little 30″ decked mini-beast, and its manoeuvrability is definitely front-of-mind in its inception.

9. Toro

Toro’s range includes their entry-level Timecutter SS and MX series, and extends to the Titan HD and Z Master series for the professional end of the market. Starting at just $4,999AUD, the Toro Timecutter SS 3225 model is a compact competitor in the market, with its 32″ deck and 425cc single-cylinder engine. The mid-range Timecutter tractor, at $8,495AUD gives you the versatility of a tractor and zero-turn motor in one. Featuring a 3-speed control for your blades, Toro mowers give you control over your speed and agility when trimming around those garden beds and tree trunks. 3-year warranties divide the market here, and as you move up the range your cover increases to 4 years for those professionals among you.

10. Ferris

Ferris mowers are a clearly aimed at the higher end of the market, with their entry-level machines starting from around $8,499AUD. However, what you get for your money is a 25HP v-twin engine, 42″ deck and a 4-year warranty. Equipped with high-backed seat and pivoting front axle, this machine is certainly built for comfort and manoeuvrability. Offering a limited lifetime deck warranty, Ferris are going to great pains to ensure that you feel confident in your purchase.

*all prices are based on the best information available at the time of publication and are subject to change without notice. 


Top 10 Zero Turn Mower Brands
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Top 10 Zero Turn Mower Brands
Tired of driving around in concentric circles, trying to cover every inch of your lawn? You may be in need of a zero-turn mower. Check out the top 10 here.
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