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The Top 5 Cat Dozers

The Top 5 Cat Dozers

Cat dozers are renowned for their power and versatility, but deciding which is right for you depends on your requirements. Whether you’re working on a small or large project, there’s a Caterpillar machine to meet these needs.

To make things easier, we’ve come up with a list of the top 5 Cat dozers, based on their search volume on Machines4U. These include:

  • D5 dozer
  • D6 dozer
  • D7 dozer
  • D8 dozer
  • D10 dozer

So, let’s delve in and see how these Cat dozers stack up.

Cat Dozers Overview

The famous Cat dozer was first introduced in 1945. With such a long history, it’s no surprise that these dozers are some of the most popular in the construction industry.

Since the original design, Cat has made many upgrades, adjustments and introduced a range of series and models. The D series is the latest in Caterpillar’s dozer range and features state-of-the-art technology to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Cat Dozer in Action Circa 1949

Disclaimer: The cat dozer in this clip is an overseas model. Australian models may vary from above.

Cat D5 Dozer

The Cat D5 is part of Caterpillars small dozer range, which includes D3, D4 and D5 models. The D5 dozer is a popular choice among customers looking for a small dozer under 105 HP.

Let’s take the D5K2 as an example. This dozer features 104 HP and is designed for easy transport, maneuverability, and accurate grading.

Main Features of the D5K2

The D5K2 is equipped with the latest technology to ensure optimal performance. The main features include:

  • Slope indicate—provides the slope of blade without having to estimate
  • Stable blade—obtain finish grade with less operator effort
  • Automatic traction control—automatically reduces track slip without having to lift blade
  • Eco mode—reduces fuel consumption by up to 20%
  • Power pitch blade—operator can easily adjust blade pitch

D5 Dozer Price

Cat D5 series dozers prices vary depending on the model, condition and age of the machine. Machines4U data shows:

Cat D6 Dozer

The D6 dozer series features a range of models, including the D6, D6 XE, D6K2, D6N, D6T and D6T XL. These dozers make up Caterpillar’s medium dozer range, which are ideal for moving more material in less time. The D6 dozers also feature more technology than the small D5 models, making it easier to work faster with minimal operator input.

The D6T is one of the most popular models of the D6 range and for good reason. It makes dozing as easy as driving your truck!

Main Features of the D6T Dozer

We’ve already compared the D6T and D6T XL, but let’s take another look at the main features of the D6T:

  • Cat Grade with slope assist—automatically maintains blade mainfall and cross slope
  • Fully automatic four-speed lock-up clutch transmission—optimises gear and engine speed without operator input
  • Added gear between first and second—for smooth shifting
  • Auto shift—better fuel efficiency without operator effort
  • Up to 20% more fuel efficient—when compared to previous models
  • New liquid crystal display (LCD)—conveniently positioned in front of operator

D6 Dozer Price

Machines4U data shows prices vary between the D6 models. Just a couple of the popular models prices are:

Cat D7 Dozer

The Cat dozer D7 series is part of the medium dozer range. The only model in the D7 series is the D7E dozer, which is equipped with the latest GRADE technology and features improved serviceability and maintenance to reduce operating costs.

D7E Main Features

The D7E provides smooth operation and manoeuvrability making it a great dozer for a range of construction projects. Just some of the main features include:

  • Diesel-electric drive powertrain—improves performance while using less fuel
  • Fuel and fluid efficiency—Up to 30% more efficient than previous models
  • Integrated technology—Cat Connect tech including, Cat AccuGrade, Product Link and VisionLink to enhance operations
  • Stable blade control—automatically make adjustments for smooth grading with less effort
  • Traction control—new standard feature to reduce track slip and reduce undercarriage wear

Cat D7E Dozer Price

Machines4U data suggests that used Cat D7E dozers cost between $16,280 and $548,000, averaging $401,150*. These prices depend on age, use and condition of the machine.

Cat D8 Dozer

The Cat D8T is the only model in the D8 dozer series. It is the smallest of Caterpillars large dozer range and is the right choice when you need power without going overboard. With up to 18% more productivity than previous models, without using more fuel, this dozer outputs superior performance.

Main Features of the D8T Dozer

The D8T promises to move more material in less time, at a lower cost per ton. Just some of the features that make this possible include:

  • Automatic 4-speed transmission—easy use for operators of all levels
  • 19% larger standard Semi-Universal blade—allows users to move more material
  • Automatic ripper control—automatically adjusts speed and ripper depth to reduce operator fatigue and track slip
  • Cat Connect GRADE technology—more accurate grading with slope assist, factory-integrated grade control, auto blade assist, AutoCarry, Product Link/VisionLink technology
  • Improved serviceability—engine oil service interval upped to 500 hours

D8T Dozer Price

The used Cat D8T dozers for sale on Machines4U cost between $8,800 and $815,000, averaging $483,135*. Of course, this depends on the age and year of the machine.

Cat D10 Dozer

The Cat D10 has proved to be a popular machine for its flexibility to work on both heavy construction sites and mine sites. The D10T is a model which is known for its easy operation and long life.

Main Features of the Cat D10T

As one of the largest Cat dozers, the D10T combines all the strength of the past with the latest technologies to give users the ultimate machine for tough conditions. Some of the main features include:

  • C27 Engine with ACERT technology—provides high power with low exhaust emissions
  • Drivetrain—electronically controlled transmission and efficient clutch/brake steering
  • Dozer control lever—electronic dozer control handle gives operator control of all functions with one hand
  • Fingertip controls—controls are clustered for easy one-hand operation

Cat D10T Price

As the larger Cat dozer, it has a much larger price tag. Used Cat D10T dozers for sale cost between $700,000 and $1,665,000*. These prices vary depending on the age, condition and use of the machine.

Cat Dozer Specs Comparison

D5K2 D6T D7E D8T D10T
Engine Cat C4.4 ACERT Cat C9.3 ACERT Cat C9.3 ACERT Cat C15 ACERT Cat C27 ACERT
Engine Power (Gross) 104 HP 253HP 270 HP 354 HP 646 HP
Operating weight (standard) 9,214kg (XL) 21,382kg (XL SU) 26,055kg 39,750kg 66,451kg
Length of track on ground 2310mm 2814mm 3016mm 3206mm 3885mm
More Specs D5K2 D6T D7E D8T D10T

So, that’s the top 5 Cat dozers based on search volume and their main features. Which Cat dozer is your choice? Let us know in the comments below. Take a look at Cat dozers for sale here and at auction here.

Sources: cat.com, Cat brochures & speclogs

*Prices are based on Machines4U listing data provided by sellers/advertisers and are an approximation only. Data is correct up to and at the time of publishing. Prices may change and need to be verified with individual sellers.

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