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TYM T503 Tractor: Equipment Focus

TYM T503 Tractor: Equipment Focus

Built to give you maximum performance, the TYM T503 tractor can be used for a variety of applications including property maintenance, turf management and farm operations. With a 50HP engine, this utility tractor sits among the 0-79HP tractors and is a great price for this range.

Let’s see if it’s the tractor for you by looking at:

  • TYM tractors overview
  • TYM T503 walkaround video
  • T503 key features
  • TYM T503 specs
  • T503 price

TYM Tractors Overview

TYM T503 Tractor
Pictured: TYM T503 Tractor. Source: Machines4U.

TYM Tractors were first introduced in 1960 in Seoul, South Korea. With more than 50 years in designing, manufacturing and distributing agricultural equipment across the globe, they’ve become a known brand in the industry. TYM Tractors is one of the fastest growing tractor brands on the market in the US, so it’s no surprise they’re gaining some momentum here in Aus as well. They’ve even made it to our top 5 sub-compact tractor brands list.

The TYM T503 model is among their tier 3 tractors and is available as a ROPS or CAB tractor. Whichever you choose, the T503 has exceptional pulling capacity and high torque. This is thanks to the 2216cc engine capacity, as well as the heavy-duty front axle and rear axle, which allows the tractor to perform in tough conditions.

TYM T503 Walkaround

Disclaimer: The tractor in this clip may be an overseas model. The Australian model may vary from above.

TYM T503 Key Features

Engine Performance

TYM T503 Engine
Pictured: TYM Tractor 4-cylinder engine. Source: Machines4U.

The TYM T503 is powered by a hearty 50HP Perkins 4-cylinder diesel engine. With high torque and a generous engine capacity, this utility tractor comes into its own when used for serious pulling work, like spraying fields or moving large amounts of hay or turf.

The T503’s engine features a smart dual dry element air cleaner, perfect for the dusty conditions of the Australian outback. It also has a large 60-litre fuel tank, meaning you can get more work done without worrying about regular re-fuelling.

In the Cab

TYM T503 Tractor Cab
Pictured: TYM T503 tractor. Source: Machines4U.

The cab in the TYM T503 features easy-to-reach controls that are ergonomically designed for operator comfort. It also has an adjustable suspension seat, flat floor with no trip hazards and the largest surface area of open flooring in its class. Its rubber mat ensures a strong non-slip surface.

Controlling the T503 is easy with the tiltable steering wheel, combination switch controls, and a PTO switch. It also has a fully integrated joystick for front loader operation.

Optional Extras

If you’re buying the TYM T503 new you have the choice of tyres and a front end loader attachment. TYM gives you the choice of agricultural, industrial or turf tyres. You can also choose whether you want a lever lift front end loader, which is a handy attachment for farm work, property maintenance and landscaping.

TYM T503 Specs

Engine Type Perkins
Number of cylinders 4
Engine Power 50.7 HP
Transmission Speeds 16F / 16R
Maximum Speed 31.7 km/h
PTO 39.8 HP
3-Point Hitch Lift Capacity 1,503 kg
Weight—Tractor Only 1,710 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 60 L

Download the full specifications brochure here.

TYM T503 Price

Used TYM T503 tractors for sale cost between $30,000 and $35,765, averaging $33,843*. Prices will vary depending on machine attachments, age and condition.

Do you think the TYM T503 is the tractor for you? Let us know in the comments below. You can find TYM tractors for sale here, and tractors at auction here.

Sources: tym-tractors.com, TYM Tractors Brochure, tym-tractors.com.au/TYM/T503

*Data has been curated from Machines4U listing information, accurate at the time of publication.

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